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Monday, April 19, 2004

In the Light
Last night I went to get a drink of water and noticed how many lights I have on, even while sleeping. First is my clock-radio. Next is my desktop computer (two lights on the case, two on the surge protector, three on the cable modem, five on the wireless router, one on the monitor, two on the printer, one on the keyboard -- NumLock, and the glowing bottom of the optical mouse). When my laptop is charging, it has one light on. Still in my bedroom, the tv has a lighted power button when turned off. Passing the living room towards the kitchen, my stereo and CD player have a light when off and another surge protector. In the kitchen itself, the microwave has a bright display.

This post is a little Andy Rooney-like, but all 25 of those are for things I wasn't using while I was asleep, and most of them were turned off.

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