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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I just found out that Nader is speaking about 200 yards away right after this class. I'll try to live-blog anything interesting.

UPDATE: Laziness got the best of me. I went to the auditorium and sat down, ready to blog.
The first thing I thought was interesting is that in the back with me were several people I either knew or largely suspected to be Republicans. Sure enough, everyone was there for pretty much the same reasons I was: to get a laugh or two, to see if he would have any interesting ideas, and to just say that we saw him. I wouldn't consider myself a Republican, but I am much more so than I am a Green. There were also a group of people sitting right up front. There was a huge gap in the middle. As did everyone else, I noted the symbolism.
At 5:30 (supposed start time), a girl got on the microphone and said, "Ralph is going to be a little bit late. We hope around 6:00."

Basically, all of the back row people started filing out, again all seemingly of one mind: I'll stick around right after class, but I'm not going to wait an extra half hour (at least). I couldn't help thinking that perhaps the delay was an elaborate ruse. At any rate, that must have left about 35 people (by my count) in a liberal part (the law school) of a liberal city (Austin) to see the most liberal candidate for president (Nader). Nice showing.

I'll link to any press coverage if it comes out.

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