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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Nothing to Say
I haven't blogged in a while, mainly because I have nothing to say. I suppose that's true of most of my posts, but maybe I'm just being lazy now. Anyways, here are some random thoughts:

These are the classes I registered for in the Fall: Antitrust (Graglia!), Federal Income Tax, Negotiation, and Real Estate Transactions. That is 13 units, which leaves me with just 6 for the Spring semester: a 3-unit seminar and a 3-unit class (hope trademarks isn't 2 units again since there really are no 1-unit classes).
I'll have gone through law school without taking: Criminal Procedure, Business Associations, Secured Credit, Bankruptcy, and Wills & Estates. I'm not intentionally avoiding these "hard" classes, but have little interest in them. I've gotten exposure to them in other classes, anyways.

As bad as the tournament was this year, the Final Four games were good. Then the championship was bad again. Why did they cancel the consolation game? I would have loved to watch OSU-Duke as a prelude to UConn-Wake.

Baseball is here! I seriously cannot wait to get to SD, where I plan to go to every home game while I'm there. I sent in my application for RSO (rent controlled?) housing less than half a mile away. Here is my All-Greed team (like the All-Madden team, just players that I like):
C: Brad Ausmus (although Mike Piazza and AJ Pyrzienski come close)
1B: Jeff Bagwell
2B: Roberto Alomar
SS: Omar Vizquel (maybe Nomar for his work on SNL and TGAG&APP)
3B: Eric Chavez
OF: Brian Giles
OF: Lance Berkman
OF: Craig Biggio
LHP: Barry Zito
RHP: Curt Schilling
RP: Trevor Hoffman
As you can see, it's pretty weighted towards Padres, A's, and Astros, but I think that is coincidence (e.g., I don't care about the A's).

Dodd's statements were as bad or worse than Lott's, but, like Hillary's Ghandi statement, is receiving no media criticism for them.
The racist part about Horning's statement wasn't that standards would need to be lowered to get more blacks into Notre Dame, but that they needed more blacks to have a good football team. If the first part was racist, there would be no argument for the need for affirmative action.

I'm weighing whether to go on a blind date. My neighbor (who I don't really care to spend time with) wants me to double date (at a country dance place) with him. I think there are three huge negatives going in, and only one possible good. So far my answer is no.

As dull as all of that was, you can see I have nothing to say.

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