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Monday, April 12, 2004

Miss USA 2004:

Basically, I saw the first two on Fear Factor, and the third is the only "delegate" page I could get to load.

UPDATE (8:56): Now that I've actually seen the field, my amended is:
North Carolina

UPDATE (9:36): Well, I've still got 2/3 in the top 5. Florida got robbed.
The "get to know you" was the best tv segment I've seen this year. None of the girls seemed even competent, let alone pagent-ready.
Tennessee (who I'll call TENnessee) didn't have any beauty secrets because it's "one of her first pagents." Yes, beauty only exists in pagents.
Oklahoma didn't even answer her first question, saying "That's the hardest question you could ask me." At least she said that twice.
South Carolina was probably the best. She said something about bringing together stray animals and stray children, and I couldn't hear the rest because I was laughing so hard.

This thing is moving too fast. I went into the other room when I heard the real questions start. Not quite as entertaining, but still good.
TENnessee: She wouldn't change anything, except the size of her feet (9). I agree.
Missouri: Experience is better than book-learnin'.
North Carloina: She would like to travel with her little sister. I agree (just kidding -- she should have said me).
Oklahoma: Out of everyone in the world, she would like to have dinner with Justin Timberlake because he's a good dancer. I guess that's about as good as my response to a similar question.
South Carolina: Should celebrities be able to voice opinions on political issues? "No." [At this point I had a good chuckle, but alas she explained.] "They should have the same rights as the rest of us." [None of use should be able to voice opinions on political issues?] Blah blah everyone knows what she meant after she babbled some more.


  • A crown and a tiara.
  • A chandelier (hooray!) and glass figurines.
  • An apartment (in Trump Tower, I believe), wardrobe, and "personal services."
  • $10,000 shopping spree at (that should cover a full set of Friends DVDs).
  • A speaking role on Passions (didn't some guy from the Real World turn down a recurring role on that show?).
  • Trip to anywhere in US or the Caribbean on AA (9th best airline in US!).
  • Two year scholarship to tv school (but they all already go to schools I've never heard of).

These strike me as really crappy, but I guess Trump can't afford to be too extravegant, going into bankruptcy again and all.

UPDATE (9:57): The results are in.
5th: TENnessee (BOOOOO)
4th: Oklahoma
3rd: North Carolina (BOOO)
2nd: South Carolina
1st: Missouri (can't really complain, except that it wasn't TN or NC or UT)

Note: I didn't plan on watching the whole thing, but I saw a few of them on Fear Factor while I was eating dinner and decided to make a prediction. Then I figured I should see the field before making a prediction. Of course I was going to watch the swimsuit portion. After the "getting to know you" portion, I had to see the real question, and then I needed to see if I was right. Just know that I was doing some patent outlining all the while (nonobviousness, to be precise). Yeah.

BTW, I really want to know if any Miss [anything] has ever not been able to fulfill her duties and why.

UPDATE: Missouri might be good after all.

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