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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Here are the questions that Chris Matthews asked Kerry last night:
What do you think you know that the average guy who hasn‘t been in a war knows?

[Tell me about] you[r] sense of the politics of [the Vietnam] war [at the time].

What do those medals mean to you?

What‘s that distinction [between medals and ribbons]?

Do you think this is a stupid argument that‘s going on from the other side, attacking you for throwing away what you said, or implied, or allowed the people to imply were medals when in fact they‘re ribbons?

Why do you think, along those lines, a vice president who has three deferments, why do you think he‘s putting his three deferments up against your three Purple Hearts?

[T]he question your staff put out, under your name, is, is Bush telling the truth, President Bush, when he said he had no special privileges or favoritism in jumping 150 places to get in the Air Guard in Texas? What do you think about that? Is that something you care about? You want to know the truth?

Is it accountable—should the president be accountable for skipping that—that physical when he was in the military?

Should [Bush] prove that he was in the Guard and actively involved in the Guard when he was out of town, he was in Alabama?

Do you think the people around the president have hoisted themselves on their own petard by bringing up this issue of your service?

Is it relevant that you served in combat and faced enemy fire and the president of the United States did not? Is that a relevant fact, when picking a commander in chief for the next four years?

If you had to vote between two candidates, one who served in the military and one who didn‘t, and they‘re actively conducting a war, would you look at the service records of both men?

Are you a stronger man for having gone through that rite of passage? ... Facing combat? ... With the enemy?

The president of the United States was asked by the press the other day if he‘d ever made any mistakes as president. And he said he hadn‘t. What do you think of that answer?

Was [Bush] mistaken to think there were weapons of mass destruction there?

Do you think [Bush is] afraid that his testimony won‘t jive with the vice president‘s?

[D]o you think people have good reason for wanting to testify together?

[W]hy would [Bush] be afraid to do it alone?

Was [Bush] mistaken? Was he led to make this mistake by his advisers, that these people are going to be happy as hell to have us be there and there wasn‘t going to be any nationalistic resistance to our—our occupation of Iraq? Was that a big mistake?

Should [Bush] have fired a bunch of people for that intelligence failure?

[W]hy do you think we went to war? If there was exaggeration of WMD, exaggeration of the danger, exaggeration implicitly with the connection of al Qaeda and 9/11, what‘s the motive for this? What‘s the why? Why did Bush and Cheney and the ideologues around take us to war? Why do you think they did it?

All the factories [in towns like Spencerville] are old and rusting. And can you change that or is that just the past?

Why are we going around the world to get our radios set up or our computers set up, or why isn‘t there somebody in this town or city or this part of Ohio that can work for 15 bucks an hour?

Do you think this administration and its political handlers like Karl Rove are capable of realizing they can‘t beat you on the jobs issue, they can‘t beat you on foreign policy, so they are going to drop this nonsensical stuff?

Seriously -- is there a single question that it doesn't seem like Kerry himself wrote? Matthews has become increasingly partisan over the last year or so, which is to say it is now very obvious that he is the same person who wrote speeches for Carter.

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