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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Last night I watched about 15 minutes of the Real World San Diego. I had seen other shows from this season, but this one got me thinking for some reason. Basically, Robin uses superlatives way too much.

What do I mean?
In nearly every description, something or someone is the "funniest," "nicest," "coolest," "craziest," etc. Apparently, it is not enough to be funny, nice, cool, or crazy, but must be more so than everyone else. Incidentally, the Real World seems to only take the kind of people that abuse superlatives in this manner.

Why does this matter?
Basically, it is a credibility issue. If Robin told me someonething was the X-est, I would seriously doubt that the thing was X at all. Making it more X than everything else doth protest too much.
Additionally, it cheapens the value of superlative use by regular people. That is, if Cameran told me something was the X-est, I am more likely to doubt the description just becuase the term X-est is thrown around so often.

Thus, my plea to readers is to only use superlatives when something really is more X than everything else. If you need some kind of modifier, how about really, very, or "so" (a la Friends).

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