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Friday, April 09, 2004

Texas Taxes
I didn't like Perry's new tax policy at first, especially the second sin tax.
However, once I saw that my taxes would be reduced by over 60% (I believe they were about 3.2% last year), I figure that will pay for a lot of, umm, cover charges.

I think there are only two Newtonian-type rules for policy:
1. Whatever you tax, you get less of.
2. Whatever you subsidize, you get more of.

As a libertarian, I hate any taxes. However, some things need to be done by the government (it's arguable if schools are one of those things). As such, something needs to be taxed. Might as well tax what you want less of, namely smoking and, I guess, nudie bars.

UPDATE: I've been informed by a devoted reader that I may have confused the various types of taxes. This may be true, but I was too lazy to dig out my tax info.

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