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Sunday, May 23, 2004

6th Story Museum
Yesterday I wanted to do something Dallasy, so I went downtown to the 6th Story Museum. The main part was on the 6th floor, but the SE-most window was blocked off with glass, wherein they had book boxes stacked as they were on 11/22/63. There is also an "X" painted in the street for reference. For some reason, picture taking wasn't allowed. I really can't think of a good reason why.

I didn't know that Oswald killed a Dallas cop and was actually arrested for that. He was hiding in a theater but didn't pay admission. Geez, I would have at least not wanted the ushers after me if that's where I chose to hide.

I haven't read any of the conspiracy books, but I have some questions of my own. The motorcade's route went North on S Houston Street, then made a sharp left turn onto Commerce St [map here with book depository starred]. From the SE corner of the book depository, it would have been a significantly easier shot before the turn. Why wait? Perhaps it was because the crowd wasn't noisy enough to muffle the shots yet. Perhaps he waited to coincide with a second shooter on the grassy knoll (who would have had no shot until well after the turn). Perhaps he wasn't up there or ready yet.
I also wondered why he chose the 6th floor (7 story building). There are some trees, so he had to be high enough to shoot over them, but also needed to be low enough to pretend he was in the cafeteria on the 2nd floor. Maybe it was the only floor that just housed books (no office space).

There were a lot of articles about how crazy right-wing Texans might try an assassination, especially given ads taken out in the paper. Instead, it was a crazy left-wing Louisianan.

I always thought that his dealings with Russia were pretty well received. Apparently, they were more disliked than Bush's foreign policy. Left wingers thought he was being too harsh. Right wingers thought he wasn't being harsh enough.
In fact, there were a lot of strange similarities like that. I can see how liberals would hate JFK, seeing how he can be quoted to advance almost any of today's right-wing causes. On the other hand, his huge social programs would be as unpopular today as they were back then. At least Bush has 1/2 the country on his side.

Something else I don't understand is why the White Houses of Kennedy and Clinton, both confirmed philanderers, are described as "Camelot" while Bush, equally young, is not. (I guess I understand why, but you get my point.)

Also, I didn't know that "Connally" was the governor of Texas and that his wife's name was Nellie. A girl in my law school class is Nellie Connally (yes, related). I just thought they were big contibutors to UT, not politically powerful also. BTW, Nellie is very nice, and you would never think that she comes from a family with tons of TX clout.

In all, a pretty interesting visit. I even got 10% off for being a student. However, parking in Dallas is only free from midnight to 7am every day. Pretty greedy.

UPDATE: On Cartoon Network, they added Baby Blues to Adult Swim. Some random character was recreating the assassination scene. It's amazing how much more perspective I have in seeing a cartoon recreation (which was really good). I might need to see JFK again (maybe once my XBox arrives).

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