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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Kentucky Fried Long John's
I ordered the L4 (apparently also called the K4) -- 21 shrimp, a side, and a drink -- and drove off after paying my $4.97, thinking that everything was contained in the box, especially given the picture on the menu (depicting everything in the box). Well, my shrimp and cole slaw were in there, but there was no cocktail sauce. At home, I only had ketchup (no horseradish), so I didn't try to create my own, as I did one time at Sam's Cafe (a Christmas where those shrimp made me sick, but I digress). I was pissed, but ate their crappy shrimp dry. After I was done, I realize that there were more than 21 -- a lot more. I counted the tails: 34! I suppose they are as sloppy at counting as they are at making sure their customers have all the necessary condiments. This actually bodes well for the next time: I know that I will get roughly 150% of the anticipated shrimp and just need to ask for coctail sauce.

I didn't know Yum owned LJS. Seems to be good synergy there, though.

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