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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Bill Simmons is complaining about lists, so I figured I would do one. Subject to some amendment, here are my top 50 women:

50. Mischa Barton (might be higher if I ever watched The OC)
49. James King (apparently goes by Jaime to avoid confusion, but it is hard to be confused)
48. Kiran Chetry (Fox news is good news)
47. Rachel Weisz (first seen in Stealing Beauty, now getting mainstream)
46. Letitia Costa (moved out of France because of high taxes, so should probably be higher)
45. Ashley Olsen (might move up this summer, but here for now)
44. Lindsay Lohan (might move up this summer, but here for now)
43. Portia de Rossi (Sirens is a good movie)
42. Keri Russell (no work since cutting her hair, and for good reason)
41. Jeanne Tripplehorn (first seen in Basic Instinct, then Waterworld)
40. Kelly Preston (a little old, but ok here)
39. Amy Smart (first seen in Road Trip, not much since)
38. Janet Gunn (first seen in Silk Stalkings, not seen since)
37. Jewel (almost all I ever listen to on planes)
36. Daisy McCracken (could skyrocket if she ever gets work)
35. Eliza Dushku (Mormon???)
34. Trishelle Cannatella (didn't actually see that season of Real World, but maybe should have)
33. Nicole Eggert (little recent work, but Charles in Charge and Baywatch are ingrained)
32. Josie Davis (shocking to see her rated above #33)
31. Teri Hatcher (first seen in Superman and held #1 spot for years, then Radio Shack)
20. Jennifer Aniston (sometimes looks great, sometimes doesn't, also lefty wacko)
29. Heather Graham (something about her eyes is messed up, nothing about the rest of her)
28. Charlotte Ross (first seen on Married...with Children, then believe it or not I watched Beggars or Choosers, not yet seen on NYPD Blue)
27. Brooke Burns (Hook 'Em)
26. Angie Everhardt (glad she disappointed her grandma)
25. Christina Ricci (most roller-coaster on the list, but when good is top-10 worthy)
24. Reese Witherspoon (one word: supple)
23. Angelica Bridges (she claims they're real)
22. Jaime Pressley (first seen in Poison Ivy, now ubiquitous)
21. Jennifer Connelly (first seen in Hot Spot, now actually acting)
20. Mandy Moore (looks way better now than as a teen)
19. Katie Holmes (truly a Gift)
18. Nikki Cox (seriously, Bobcat?)
17. Denise Richards (first seen in Drop Dead Gorgeious with #4, best Bond girl ever)
16. Christina Applegate (little recent work, but Married...with Children is ingrained)
15. Tiffani Amber Thiessen (little recent work, but Saved by the Bell is ingrained)
14. Jessica Simpson (hope to see more like this in Dallas)
13. Elisha Cuthbert (the only good thing about Old School)
12. Heidi Klum (I don't like the new hair, but I'm not complaining)
11. Gena Lee Nolin (first seen on Price is Right, pending video could make this go much higher)
10. Brooke Burke (traitor, but that's ok)
9. Anna Kournikova (tennis hasn't been the same since she and Hingis left)
8. Gretchen Mol (always plays some kind of lawyer, works for me)
7. Mila Kunis (she's 20 now)
6. Kristin Davis (I just wonder how she wasn't famous before Sex in the City)
5. Sarah Michelle Gellar (other than Scooby Doo, I may have seen her entire body of work)
4. Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On is a great movie)
3. Kimberly Williams (ever since Father of the Bride, and I think she looks even better now)
2. Britney Spears (sometimes she looks a little thick, but usually not)
1. Josie Maran (first seen on Stern with Blaine, then in SI, now in movies)

UPDATE: I realize I left a ton of people off the list, such as Natasha Henstridge, Shana Hiatt, Morgan Webb, and Jessica Alba.

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