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Sunday, May 30, 2004

PlayStation 2
After fighting a fraudulent eBay XBox auction for 2 weeks, I bought a PS2 at Best Buy. I had a rather nasty run-in with the door nazi, but that's another story. I'm currently (well, not at this second) playing NBA Street Vol. 2. Pretty good game. I've customized "Da Greed" with a Pistol Pete jersey, a headband, and a billy-goat.
Sadly, I may never play my Genesis or SNES again.

I chose PS2 over XBox for different reasons, but, in no particular order:
1. DVD-ready out of the box.
2. Sony quality.
3. More compatible with my Sony credit card (e.g., free games).
4. Likely compatible with PSX when it comes out.
5. Backwards compatible with PS1 so I can get cheap old games.

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