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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Something no one else has said (that I've seen) is how huge Courtney Cox was on the last episode. I haven't watched the show for a while (and definitely not this year), so I didn't even know there was a little Arquette a comin'. Seinfeld did the same thing, but they were at least creative in hiding it (e.g., a shopping bar). Monica was just wearing fat clothes. I have to agree with SportsGuy -- I didn't laugh once, reminding me why I watch Survivor live when I could watch its west coast feed (I don't have that option for NBC or ABC).

I like the BBC version of Coupling, although NBC apparently found a way to ruin it (even though I didn't see an episode of the US version). When no one had heard of it, I would say it was a funny version of Friends, which didn't score me very many points with girls, who all love the show for no good reason. But really, has anything on Friends ever been funnier than the "unflushable" in the Coupling pilot?

While I'm at it, why isn't the last episode of Frasier getting as much or more press? That was a genuine sitcom, although even it has been sappy the last few years. I guess Niles-Daphne was similar to Ross-Rachel, except they did it in season 8 or 9 instead of season 2, giving them at least 6 years (100+ episodes) of solid comedy. I think the Valentine's Day episode (don't remember the year, but it started with Niles ironing) was the funniest episode of any sitcom ever.

No links because, unlike Conan, I don't have my head up the peacock's ass.

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