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Monday, May 17, 2004

Well, I'm up here. This area is unlike any I've ever seen. Endless office parks spaced far apart. Lots of hotels. Seemingly few houses and apartments. Some corners with restaurants. Very few grocery stores and gas stations.

I found a direct way to work that has no streetlights, so my commute should be a standard 3 minutes.

Getting to and from downtown isn't that tough -- up and down US 75.

The hotel is pretty much as expected. Funky cheap detergent mixed with shampooed smoke. 19" tv with SHO but no Fox, Comedy Central, or Fox News (and all the channels have obviously been split 100 times without an amplifier). Sporadic wireless internet (thus I have been using a hard wire). The exercise room doesn't have much, but probably enough for me. Pool, whirlpool, laundry room. Continental breakfast with juices (orange and apple), bagels, muffins (poppeyseed and others), and danish (raspberry and apple). Not too bad.

I've been doing a lot of ironing since everything got wrinkley on the way up. I'm sick of ironing.

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