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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Tonight I really question a bunch of decisions made by both coaches, mostly in the 2nd half.

1. Walton carried the Lakers in the first half, and he didn't play until a couple minutes into the 4th quarter, when again he made an impact.

2. Ben Wallace was killing Malone, but the Pistons stopped going to him.

3. Shaq got his 5th foul, and Jackson put him in with three minutes left in the 4th, opening it up to hack-a-Shaq.

4. Brown didn't implement hack-a-Shaq, and the Lakers won that minute 5-0. There is no way Shaq would have scored 5 points if he was fouled twice, and little chance that he would have scored even 2.

5. With 36 seconds left up by 6, the Pistons fouled Shaq on a layup. Brown should have told them all to run away, or they all should have been standing on the three-point line.

6. With 30 seconds left up by 3, Billups had the ball with a chance to run the clock down to 6, making any last second shot that much more difficult to setup. Instead, he took a bad runner with 15 seconds left.

7. Even though he has probably seen the Spurs game film (they didn't guard the inbound), Brown chose to not guard the inbound. The fact that the Lakers were out of timeouts would seem to make possible denial of an inbound that much more difficult.

8. Up by 3 with 15 seconds left, they chose to let Kobe shoot a 3 rather than fouling any of the players (including Shaq) that touched it before he did. With Billups and Hamilton, and the Lakers without timeouts, there is no better time to get into a free-throw contest.

9. The Pistons, with a full 2.1 seconds left, couldn't even get a shot off.

10. Brown didn't do anything to pump up his team in overtime. They were beaten before it started.

11. Kobe and Shaq each had 5 fouls with 4 minutes left in overtime, but the Pistons didn't do anything to make them try to pick up a 6th.

I really think that those are all horrible calls (and thought so as they were occurring), and the coaches are widely believed to be the two best in the game. I don't get it.

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