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Monday, June 14, 2004

So my car got broken into last night. Rather than breaking a window, they destroyed the driver's side door. Then they rummaged around looking for the face that was on my counter, and I guess decided to take the amp and sub for good measure.
Total value taken: ~$250 brand new, so probably ~$50 on the black market.
Total value of damage done: >$1,000 (estimate still coming). Good to know the thieves are getting more and more needlessly destructive.

However, I need to give Geico credit. Within 3 hours of discovering the damage, I had an appraisal, a car in the shop, and a rental car. The car insurance will even cover the amp (it was bolted down), but not the sub (it was free flowing). Homeowner's would cover the sub, but I have a $800 deductable, and it was only worth ~$100.

I used my relocator to try to pressure the hotel to pay the deductable, and I think they are going to. We'll see, though.

The shitty thing is that I don't thump my system. Hell, I have it on 103.3 (sports radio) 95% of the time.

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