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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Debate "Analysis"
The line of the night, which caused me to chug my screwdriver (of my own volition) was when Bush said that, with all due respect, you can't trust the mainstream media. I took other sips for class warfare, alliances, and the like.
[BTW, I'm really into Stoli vanilla with Tropicana right now. At first, I thought the flavors clashed. At first. Plus, I'm getting vitamins. This should explain typos and non-sequitors in this post, too.]

Bush had some other humerous lines, and I'll give Kerry credit for his first joke (about marrying up).

Rumors, as always, are that Bush was wired. I'll say he was -- he kept pounding the podium. Not exactly Kruschev's shoe, but what was he doing? I thought the Clinton thumb point would be standard forever.

Rumors are also that Bush won. That would put the debates roughly 1-1-1, if you believe the pundits. I tried to figure out how Bush could smoke Kerry on domestic but lose on foreign.
The easy answer is that Lehrer's questions were awful. Not one time did he ask Kerry to defend anything or give Bush a softball.
My best guess is that Kerry has a long record on domestic. For almost every domestic issue, Bush can point to a vote (or a lack of action) and put Kerry on the defensive.
But for foreign policy, Kerry's only differences (that I can honestly discern) are: (1) he would do it better/faster [How?] and (2) summit for alliance! [Nevermind the scandal and fact that they said they wouldn't send troops for Kerry either.]. There's only so many times Bush could talk about Kerry's past stances/votes on defense and intelligence. Other than that, Bush basically outlined what people already know about his own foreign policy. Also, Bush was on the defensive for any problems in the world.

Not all is happy in greedland, though. I'm pissed that Bush blew, in my opinion, several tee-ball questions.
1. Roe v. Wade. Especially after Kerry's answer, Bush could have said that there is no right to abortion (or even privacy) in the constitution, which is why Kerry talked about the 1st and 5th. He also could have said that reversing that decision wouldn't outlaw abortion, but would put it in the hands of the majority, as a democracy should be. That would be a nice transition to partial birth abortion, which has been incorrectly declared unconstitutional by activist judges [I think it is unconstitutional, but for much different reasons].
2. Minimum wage. After Kerry talked about $7/hr, I really wish Bush would have opposed it. A simple example is that a business employing 7 people at $5/hr would have two choices: (1) fire 2 people or (2) raise prices. Most reputable economists are against minimum wage, and there a good reason.
3. Affirmative action. I really got nothing out of either candidate's answer, but think that Bush should have opposed it. He could have said that 40+ years of AA has only made the problems worse, and perhaps even explained why. He then could have transitioned to equality of opportunity (education) rather than equality of outcome, which would have been a nice time to rail against quotas. Kerry said he is against quotas, but you can't be pro-AA and anti-quota; the only way to measure AA's effectiveness is with numbers -- if the numbers don't matter, there is no way to measure its effectiveness.
4. Assault weapons. Why is Bush against them? His base is against them and there was strong bipartisan support against them. Kerry talked about some criminal having an AK-47. The proper response to this is: (1) that was obtained during the ban, showing it wasn't working anyway and (2) AK-47s (and weapons like them) are independently illegal. [Cool: I'm watching Conan as I type and the South Park creators are talking about how they are pro-gun. I can't wait to see Team America.] Make Kerry say how pro-gun he is to piss off his base.

In general, I wonder why no candidate in any debate has been able to give a good, if not a great answer, to any question. I guess they're trying to appeal to everyone, but I think doing so is disingenuous. Say what you want, and people will agree or not. On the same note, and I know he couldn't, Bush should have said that the president really has no control over jobs or health care costs.

Absent Issues: the environment, death penalty, and animal rights.
WTF Issue: Vaccines.

The twins looked nice tonight.
Why can't anyone pronounce "Tempe" correctly?

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