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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Starting Points
I think that to discuss anything with anyone, there needs to be some common starting point. This might be why small talk got started. I really started to think about this a couple years ago when people wouldn't say whether Saddam was good or bad. Whether for or against the war, I think he is objectively bad, and anyone who wouldn't agree isn't worth talking to, especially about things like war.

Where am I going with this? Well, I used to read Andrew Sullivan's blog until he started to get loony. Today, there are several Instapundit (guest blog) links to his endorsement of Kerry. After this statement, I don't think you can take him seriously, especially about war:
I want this [Iraq/terrorism] war to be as bipartisan as the cold war.

In fact many would say, "[Kerry] got the Cold War wrong."

That's just one of the many statements I disagree with in this piece [pun intended].

And what we discovered in Iraq--from mass graves to children's prisons to the devastating effect of sanctions on the lives of ordinary Iraqis--only solidifies the moral case for removing the tyrant.
. . .
Abu Ghraib. In one gut-wrenching moment, the moral integrity of the war was delivered an almost fatal blow.

Well, which is it? I guess the word "almost" makes it clear that it is the first, but then why include the second?

Equally, [Bush's] presidency can and should be judged on its most fateful decision: to go to war against Iraq without final U.N. approval on the basis of Saddam's stockpiles of weapons and his violation of countless U.N. resolutions.

Then why is he talking about this?:
Domestically, the record is horrifying for a fiscal conservative.

I thought Sullivan was mostly a libertarian complaining about spending, until this:
Domestically, Kerry is clearly Bush's fiscal superior.

But in wartime, a president bears the greater responsibility for keeping the country united. And this president has fundamentally failed in this respect.

Jeez, it takes two to tango. One could equally put all the blame on the Dems for not accepting Bush's attempts to unite.

This pretty much killed any chance that I will read Sullivan again.

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