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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

FL Math
80% of the precincts have reported, and Bush has 52%. This means that Kerry needs to get at least 61% of the remaining 20% to win FL. Not impossible, but difficult, even in the southeast counties.

BTW, a lot of good the prescription drug bill did. It will hurt if not cripple the federal budget and hasn't even brought in senior voters. I'd wager that the NEA funding expansion is producing similar results.

UPDATE: Within a minute of posting this, 88% have now reported, so Kerry needs 69% to win FL. Put this in the Bush column.

UPDATE II: Pennsylvania has been called for Kerry with only 66% of precincts reporting (meaning Bush would need 64% of the remaining vote), but FL hasn't been called for Bush with 91% of precincts reporting and Kerry needing 79% to win. I can understand reluctance to call FL, but I think the networks should exercise equal caution with all states.

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