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Monday, November 22, 2004

HEB Thoughts
Tonight's visit to the HEB was pretty entertaining. For me, at least.

First up, as usual, was produce. Red seedless grapes were only $0.97/lb (see here for that story). When I went to weigh them, I noticed the latest "Don't put stickers on the scale" measure. Formerly, the "Don't put stickers on the scale" signs were covered with stickers. Then they would randomly remove the stickers, only to be covered up again. Not there is a piece of paper that says "Put stickers here." Genius, I tell you. I was the only one laughing in produce.
Later on I was getting some Fairchild tangerines (3/$1) and saw some deformed looking tangerines (satsuma). I think deformed is putting it nicely - they looked like they fell off the tree during a hurricane before fully developing then fell off the truck into some mud, were run over, and finally were picked up and shipped as the packing material for real produce. They looked so bad that HEB put a sign up explaining them. I decided to test one out, even though they were $1.69/lb. I got a plum-sized one and attempted to weigh it. Code 3029 didn't work. Hmm. I decided to pretend it was a grapefruit, which was close at $1.49/lb. After all, it was a test buy. Later I saw a produce guy and fessed up. He didn't seem to care, especailly about the lack of a code (and they went to all that trouble with the sign, too).

I also tried to finally test the limits of the Hot Pocket ponzi scheme. To my dismay, they didn't have 4-cheese pizza, which is the only kind I've ever purchased. Hey, I can stretch - I got 2 boxes of got 5-cheese croisant and 1 box of turkey-ham-cheese (now with more cheese!). I used the $1 off 3 boxes coupon. Then I forgot to check for the $1.25 off 4 boxes coupon (you really have to make an effort to look for the printed out coupons, so it's easy to forget). Damn. Now I have to figure out if I want to start all over, especially now that I have 4 boxes of Hot Pockets (1 leftover) in my freezer.

When I bought my Dunkables (see here), I got a coupon for $0.75 off Eggo French Toasties. They are usually $2.09, so they would be cheaper with the coupon. I was all ready to give them a try when I realized that they don't come with syrup. In protest, I bought Pillsbury French Toast Dunkables, giving me a glut of those, too.

My other main purchase was Pepsi, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Mountain Dew Code Red, and Mountain Dew (not the progression from brown to yellow via red), all $2/12 pack. For some reason, the packages were all wet (like they were left out in the rain all day). I talked to a cute girl wearing a sorority jersey thing about it (she was getting Diet Dew), and we decided that the cans were probably still good. Then we talked briefly as we criss-crossed for the next few aisles. Yeah, I got nothing.

At least I didn't buy any real food. That would be a shame.

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