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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Product Reviews!
Because I fancy myself an apt consumer, I like to tell people what I like. Here is my latest installment. I try to link to the manufacturer when possible.

1. Cherry-Vanilla Dr Pepper
I was very excited about this. Vanilla Coke is my 2nd favorite drink and I like Cherry Coke, too. To combine those with Dr Pepper should be perfect. Well, not really. It is good, but not as good as regular Dr Pepper or either flavored Coke. I would probably buy it again, but not as often as regular.

2. Nikon Coolpix 3700
I guess you can generally see for yourself from my various picture postings (although those are smaller than actual size). I've found it easy to carry and use. The battery lasted my entire 4-day vacation, although I only took about a dozen pictures. The 3x optical zoom doesn't do much, and the digital zoom often looks fuzzy. I'm still experimenting, though.
Very easy image transfer via USB. I haven't played with the editing software other than to rotate some pictures 90 degrees.
I'd really like to start taking more movies. With my 512 MB card, I can record around 15 minutes of 640x480 (regular tv quality) with sound.
I'm still waiting on my $100 rebate before evaluating the value versus similarly priced cameras.

3. Pillsbury Dunkables
I decided to try these since the price was right ($1.84 for 32 mini-pancakes with syrup). I was surprised that they were really good. They take about 2 minutes to heat up and taste fresh off the griddle.
I recently bought waffles and was equally impressed.
I really like freedom toast in general, but don't think they have it at HEB.
At 27, maybe I shouldn't be eating stuff like this, but no way am I going to actually make pancakes myself. This is a good alternative.

4. Continental Airlines
As far as I know, this vacation was the first time I've flown Continental, which is strange since they are based in Houston, which is closer than Dallas's American, which I almost always fly.
I was pretty satisfied. They use 737s (-800 or -900) and 757s, which I like a lot better than MD-80s. They also provided in-flight entertainment (The Terminal to and Hidalgo back), something I rarely get.
The thing I didn't like was the short connections in Houston. I don't like long layovers, but I also don't like getting to the gate 3 minutes before departure without a bathroom break after a 3-hour flight.

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