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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

TO's Acting
I didn't watch Monday Night Football this week, but have heard a lot of hubub about the opening (which you can see here [may require registration]).

I don't think the government should be involved in censorship at all. Period.
I also don't think football needs crappy promotions. How about showing the game? Maybe the rosters and key things to watch? I understand ABC wants to use MNF to promote its other crap, but how about during commercials? This was a little different than Fox showing the cast of That 70's Show at Fenway. These things are why I'm glad I have a DVR.

On a similar topic, I really wonder why Reps get all the blame for censorship. Just listen to Stern or Eminem or Dem pundits talking about the religious right's stranglehold. Michael Powell was a Clinton appointee. Lieberman and Tipper Gore are two of the biggest censors (Eminem even talks about Tipper in "White America" but seems to have forgotten her in his effort to oust Bush). The vote to increase FCC fines was nearly unanimous, meaning that almost every Dem (including Kerry and Edwards) also voted for it (another John Breaux, D-LA, didn't, probably because he is retiring in January). I don't get it.

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