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Friday, December 10, 2004

Antitrust Gragliaisms
As usual, Graglia has had some pretty funny comments. As I'm making my outline and recall them from discussions of certain cases, I'll jot them down.

Brown University: Columbia [his alma mater] just sent me a brochure that says the mean LSAT score for 1Ls is 171 [over 99th percentile]. Here, I have to teach people who got as low as 160 [90th percentile]!

Waste Management: The idea that there is a mafia is a slur on a noble people.

United Shoe Machinery: The sociopaths offered free lifetime repair!

International Salt: Logically, something must be substantial or insubstantial, but rhetoric introduces "not-insubstantial."

Northern Pacific Railway: We can't all drive Ferraris - I'm forced to drive a four-year old Jaguar.

Standard Stations: This is the "not farfetched" theory of liability.

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