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Monday, December 06, 2004

The Cat's Meow
The other day I was surfing and found The Cat's Meow on IFC. I hadn't seen it before, but I watched it because it had Kirsten Dunst.

I've pared down IMDb's listing a little bit, but in non-animated movie-theater movies where she is named, I have seen 12/27 {UPDATE: 20/27}. I think that's fairly high quantity, if not ratio.

1. Wimbledon (2004) - Lizzie Bradbury [No, but out on DVD. On my Amazon wishlist.] {UPDATE: I've purchased the DVD. This is a bad movie.}
2. Spider-Man 2 (2004) - Mary Jane Watson [No. I'll probably get the trilogy on DVD.] {Yes, on HBOHD.}
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) - Mary [Yes. She's barely in this, and I even broke my no Jim Carey rule.]
4. Mona Lisa Smile (2003) - Betty Warren [No, not planning on it.] {Yes, on HBO. As annoying as expected.}
5. Levity (2003) - Sofia Mellinger [No. "Unusually gritty" doesn't really pique my interest.]
6. Spider-Man (2002) - Mary Jane Watson [No. I'll probably get the trilogy on DVD.] {Yes, on FOXHD.}
7. The Cat's Meow (2001) - Marion Davies [Yes.]
8. Crazy/Beautiful (2001) - Nicole Oakley [Yes. Have on DVR {DVD}.]
9. Get Over It (2001) - Kelly Woods [No. Planning on it since it also has Mila Kunis.] {Yes, own on DVD. Not horrible.}
10. All Forgotten (2000) - Zinaida [No. "Kirsten Dunst is a Russian Princess who collects a crowd of fawning sycophantic admirers who salivate over her every motion and jostle with each other for her favours." Sounds good to me.] {Yes, on SHO. Absolutely unbearable.}
11. Deeply (2000) - Silly [No. Sounds strange if not hard to find.] {Yes, on LMN. Enough said.}
12. Bring It On (2000) - Torrance Shipman [Yes. Own on DVD. Possibly the best movie of all time.]
13. Luckytown (2000) - Lidda Doyles [Yes. James Caan played her estranged father, a professional poker player.]
14. The Crow: Salvation (2000) - Erin Randall [No. First billing?!]
15. Dick (1999) - Betsy Jobs [No. About Nixon, with Homer Simpson as G. Gordon Liddy.]
16. Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) - Amber Atkins [Yes. Own on DVD. This is a good mocumentary and also has Denise Richards (who knows that Mike Davis scored on Kirk Gibson's 1988* homer) among others.]
17. The Virgin Suicides (1999) - Lux Lisbon [Yes.]
18. Strike! (1998) - Verena von Stefan [No. Sounds like I might like it. Also has Rachel Leigh Cook (I should watch Antitrust before next Thursday) and Monica Keena.] {Yes, own on DVD. This is basically the same movie as Mona Lisa Smile.}
19. True Heart (1997) - Bonnie [No. Sounds like "Lost" meets The Bear.]
20. Wag the Dog (1997) - Tracy Lime [Yes, but don't remember her.]
21. Mother Night (1996) - Young Resi Noth [No. Vonnegut plus Sheryl Lee probably means I would be confused.]
22. Jumanji (1995) - Judy Shepherd [Yes, and remember her.]
23. Little Women (1994) - Younger Amy March [No. Not planning on it.]
24. Interview with the Vampire (1994) - Claudia [Yes]
25. Greedy (1994) - Jolene [Yes, but don't remember her.]
26. The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) - Campbell McCoy [Yes, but don't remember her.]
27. New York Stories (1989) (uncredited) .... Lisa's Daughter [No. Sounds a little like Four Rooms, so I might give it a shot.]

*Corrected per the comments. However, it is possible that Mike Davis scored on a Kirk Gibson homerun in 1989.

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