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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

On Howard Stern tonight, they had a guy challenging Fred to trivia. As far as I can tell, at least 2/7 questions were no good.

1. "What has to be produced in a writ of habeas corpus?"
The challenger didn't know, and Stern said the answer was "the body." Then Fred said "the body" (raising some suspicion that he has been fed the answers). I haven't taken crim-pro, but I still know this is wrong. My answer would have been "evidence of guilt." See Habeas Corpus Defined & Explained for why I'm right.

2. "Which continent is covered by one country?"
The challenger said "Australia," which they said was correct. Fred said "Africa," which is an inconceivable mistake to make. I knew that New Zeland (at least) was also part of the continent of Australia, so that was also bad. See here for more.

The challenge is a joke, especially when the questions are bad.

UPDATE: I originally said "Jackie" when everything should have been Fred.

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