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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Potok and Done
Well, I accomplished two goals tonight. First, I'm done with finals. All I have to do now is make sure my EELT paper gets turned in.
Second, tonight was SBA end of semester party at Blind Pig Pub. I got to hit on Lori Beth Potok, which was my goal since my first construction law class. First, I made small talk about the final (very Sandra Bullock-intensive) and then I asked about plans for this summer. She said she wanted to do something involving sports and that she had just had an interview with the Houston Texans. I had lots more material, but one of her friends pried her away to get another drink. Next time I saw her, she was talking to some huge black dude. Oh well. Potok (aka Botox aka Stripper Lori) was kind of a joke hit-on anyways, even though I think she is hot.*
We ended up losing my friend Josh, but I went to Buffalo to play some foos with Josh's roomate (Brian - also in my antitrust class and had a final today) and his friend from undergrad (Scott). I'd played Brian before and never scored more than three (playing up to five). I had never seen Scott play and was confused by his oft-one-handedness. However, he consistently beat Brian and I both. I need to play him sober to see what's up. At one point, some guy came over and put quarters on the table. He was old - bald and grey hair. We ended up playing doubles, and this guy reeked like Shaq after a wrestling match in a humidifier.
We soon left, whereupon I made a drunk call to my friend in LA and drove home. Then I fabreezed my pants, mouthwashed/brushed/flossed my teeth, and am writing this. Potok is fucking hot.

*She has really long blonde hair, which I really like. Other than that, I'm not too fond of the tanning-bed tan or the muscular thighs (she really shouldn't wear high heels because they flex the thighs - although she looks very good in flip-flops). I could write pages about this but will stop here.

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