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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Product Reviews
1. Bush's Homestyle Chili
I only bought this because I had a coupon, but even then it wasn't worth it. It tasted like ground up hamburger (the cheap stuff) in tomato sauce. I don't think there were any spices, let alone bits of onion and stuff. Avoid at all costs.

2. Cookie Dough Balance Bar
This is basically how you would think it is - like cookie dough but still with a slight soy protein taste. That said, this is the best tasing power bar I've had. A drawback is that most of the vitamins are around 25% and the saturated fat is 18%. I've heard that Chocolate Chaos is good, but can't personally confirm it.

3. Snickers Marathon
This product hurt my teeth, and it was at room temperature. I was concentrating on that so much I didn't pay much attention to the taste, although I know it wasn't exactly like a Snickers. The advantage is that most of the vitamins are around 100% and the saturated fat is 11% (for 10% bigger than the Balance bar). This is also about $0.30 more than the Balance bar. For my money, I'll take Balance plus a multi-vitamin.

4. Poor Man's Guacamole
No link because this is basically a mushed up avocado with salsa. I prefer Clint's Texas Salsa, and use hot or otherwise the avocado will overwhealm the taste. This is a great snack with chips, and even goes well on homemade burritos.

Coming Soon: Pepsi Holiday Spice.

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