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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rose Bowl Pet Peeves
I hate when people don't list the section and row number of the tickets they're selling. I can't believe that it is just ignorance -- anyone that has ever been to any event with assigned seating knows that location is the most important thing. If it's laziness, they deserve to not sell them.

I also don't like how a lot of people advertise the tickets as must-buys because the game is sold out. There are so many tickets available that the market price right now ranges from $75-face depending on the section (thus, it's a blessing in disguise that UT didn't give me any). This is before UT students (and presumably UM students) have even received their tickets, which I'm guessing will further saturate it. However, I do expect people to want to upgrade, increasing the price for good tickets and making the price for the end zones plunge into the $25 range. Let's see if my prediciton is true...

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