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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Santa Homer and Movie Reviews
I played a little The Simpsons: Hit & Run on Saturday and the first screen was Homer in a Santa suit. The PS2 was smart enough to know it was Christmas. Wow.

I'm currently on the Apu level, which is much harder than the previous 4 levels.

On a somewhat related manner, I saw T3 the other day. I thought it was somewhat witty, but didn't really fit the tone of the first two.

I also saw Bring It On Again, which sucked. I like Bree Turner (see here), but it was just horrible. This is pretty funny: "[A]ny film that is completed in just twenty-eight days, goes straight to video and doesn't even feature the same schools or cheerleading squads with no actors or crew from the original at all has to start those alarm bells ringing somewhere."

I also saw Welcome to Mooseport. One of the basic premises is that Hackman's character was the most popular president ever with an approval rating of 85%. First, this ignores Bush 41's 90%+ during Gulf War I. Second, it says "ever" and "since JFK." Hmm. Third, of course he was a Dem.
There were only two "issues" during the movie: (1) a pond being declared a wetland so someone couldn't fish there and (2) a stop sign dispute. The response to the first was that Hackman was the most environmentally conscious president and that people could still fish there. What? The response to the second was to create a huge bureaucracy. To be fair, they did make him a huge cheater in golf and pretty sleazy, but they really attributed that more to just being a politician.
In general, I thought they did an ok job of keeping politics out of it, but it was a movie about politics in a small town.

I saw Other People's Money again, too. Pretty much it is an hour of nothing, then DeVito's speech, which is great.

I can't really say that I saw Chasing Liberty or How to Deal, but I did DVR them and fast forward to, umm, get the gist.

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