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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Apprentice 3 #1
I just watched the first episode today.

This is really like arrogance versus more arrogance. Somehow trash talk has found its way to even this game show. Does Trump or anyone else associated with the show realize that book and street smarts aren't mutually exclusive?

All that singing and "unbelievable" chanting was dumb. Like trying to motivate 5-year olds. Verna rolled her eyes quite a bit, so I was starting to like her, but about halfway through she was also into it.

I think it makes some sense that, given equal ages, those without degrees currently make more money than those with. There is a 5-7 year lag due to the education itself, and they should check back in 10 years. I think someone (Verna?) said this, but it was quickly glossed over to display more trash talking. Also, of course all 8 non-educated people are going to be really successful already. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been picked to be on the show.

Something else I noticed while going through the bios is that none of the candidates are from famous schools:
Alex: Seattle Pacific undergrad, Seattle University grad
Bren: Memphis undergrad, Memphis grad
Danny: Cleveland State undergrad, Boston University grad
Erin: Miami undergrad, Villanova grad
Kendra: Florida
Michael: Boston College
Stephanie: Arizona State (ha ha ha)
Todd: Miami
Verna: Jackson State undergrad, ??? grad

I'm the last one to say that a person's school matters (the smartest people I know when to Florida and ASU, which are represented), but 0/9 are from Ivys or even pseudo-Ivys (like MIT and Stanford). I think that makes them even more likely to be financially behind others at this point in their careers.

George looks like he'll be more forceful this season, which is good.

When they named themselves "Magna" I think they should have just said that it means "great." Instead, they sounded stupid: "It shows our education!"

There was yet another tactical error in whom to bring into the boardroom. Todd tried to pin it all on Danny, but he should have then brought Stephanie in to round out the marketing department. Instead, it all focused on the point of sale deficiency, with pronounced impact since Alex also had to discuss it, which eventually came back on Todd.

Danny's real life business sounds almost as bad as that street performance. I hope next week he paints himself silver and acts like a robot.

Kendra's boardroom performance is the best that I can recall. Prediction: Final 4, easy.

Hard to believe anything Erin says after she said she would sue men just as much as women, yet her bio says:
Currently, Erin is developing the first "All Women for Women" law firm focusing on issues including: domestic violence, child support, sexual harassment, pre-nuptial agreements and divorce.

I think Chris sees himself as a young Trump because he inherited money and his father's business. The bio isn't specific as to whether Kristen did the same.

So Tara helped McGreevey with appointments. Great.

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