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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Evens and Ends
Tonight I watched UA beat WU at Ringers (1350" of HD!), which is becoming my favorite bar. Tonight they had $1 Dos Exquis (sp?) pints. Then I went to bar review at Fox and Hound against my better judgment. I talked to Mandy's friend (Katie?) , who invited me to a dinner party. I think I'm supposed to bring Jello+. Then I saw some very-white girl that may have been in one of my classes (hell if I can remember). I talked to a Scott who said her name was Erin, but that didn't strengthen any memories. She was talking to some bald old dude, so I didn't want to interrupt his action. As far as I could see, no Potok.

I've seen Lost and Delerious a few times on IFC [Mischa Barton (The OC), Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly), and Jessica Pare (umm, Lost and Delerious)] and I still don't know what the bird is supposed to represent. So nubile...

I bought some new flosses the other day. They both look like woven blue and white nylon. I don't feel as much friction as with unwaxed, but I figure alternating "tartar control" and "fluoride" will be at least as good.
I also got some more oranges. HEB has dropped the price from $0.79/lb to $0.39/lb in the last week. These things are huge, like grapefruits. No scurvy going on here. Uninterestingly, my favorite fruit has slowly morphed from red delicious apples to red seedless grapes to orangy citrus (orange or various tangerines).

I just got Crazy/Beautiful on DVD, so I'll watch Dunst's commentary as I go to sleep.

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