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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fake Potok
Tonight I went out to various bars. Hooray.

At one, I talked to some girl from the Cracky. My friend guessed she was 29, but I said 30. Correct answer: 25. Ouch.

As we were leaving the last one, I saw a fake Potok (only hotter) wearing a Tiger (animal, not Woods -- although Potok is a golfer) jacket. I didn't have the liquid courage to talk to her on the street, especially because I didn't have a winger for her [] friend. Incidentally, which I find really funny, Greedy Blog is the #1 hit if you google "Lori Beth Potok" (#5 for just "Lori Potok," though).

I also ran into some dude from B-shift photo. Couldn't (and still can't) remember his name. He asked if I was still at Freescale (Moto spinoff). I said I was in school (then he asked studying what and I said "law," as the conversation usually goes, even though I try not to say "I'm in law school!"). He said he wished his parents had that kind of cash. Seriously, little pisses me off more than shit like that.

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