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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Happy New Year
I've been away for a little while, but already 2005 has been a pretty good.

1. I got to se UT win the Rose Bowl on a Dusty Mangum field goal as time ran out.
This might be the best game football I've ever seen in person. It's certainly the biggest good game.
Other games I've seen that were about as good include Cardinals-49ers in 1988 (Roy Green back of the end zone to complete the comeback against the eventual Super Bowl Champs), Paradise Valley-North Canyon (HS) in 1994 (don't know anyone in the game, but there was a great dive and layout catch to win it), Arizona-Nebraska in 1998 (good back and forth between two great teams), Cardinals-Chargers in 1998 (60 yard field goal as time ran out to send the Cardinals to their only AZ playoff appearance), Texas-Texas Tech in 2003 (Chance came in for the game-winning drive), and Texas-Oklahoma State (56-35 win after being down 35-7) in 2004.

2. This (NSFW).
There are other pics around, too. Seriously, this alone would make my year.

3. I've sold 3 books so far on Amazon marketplace, basically paying for this semester's books.

4. OU getting run by USC.
They have a bad problem of choking in big games the last four years, either losing to OSU, the Big 12 championship, or their bowl game. Of course somehow they always have it together in October. Worse for them, they lose 4 WRs, 3 OLs, and QB.

5. Having a great time in SoCal with various friends.

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