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Sunday, January 30, 2005

NBA League Pass
It's been good watching every Suns game this last week. I'm thinking about getting the rest of the season.

Cost: $109
Games: 36
Games on Free TV: 6
Games Attending (tentative): 2
Net Games: 28
Cost Per Game: $3.89

I'm still thinking about it, but each game I miss will cost me another $0.14/game.
Alternatively, I could just go to Ringers (1350" of HD!) and watch them for free (or the price of beer, depending on how you look at it). They play twice more on Thurs ($1 pints of XX) and six more times on Sunday ($1 Bud Light).

I really wish I could pay like $60 for just the Suns. Other than the Kings, it is unlikely that I'd randomly watch too many other games, especially ones that aren't good enough to be on TNT, ESPN, or ABC (or FSN for the Spurs/Mavs or WGN).

I am astonished at the poor directing on almost every game. Not only do they not realize that the Suns run and thus miss many plays by focusing on players jogging down court, but they show highlight packages during freethrows, use the under-the-hoop camera when the team is passing it around the perimeter, and cut many commercials half-way through.

The other night I kind of learned what the first foul in the last two minutes means. Before, I thought it was solely informational. Apparently, no matter how many team fouls the rest of the quarter, a team's second team foul in the last two minutes of a period sends the other team to the line. That is why, for the first foul in the last two minutes, they will announce it. I'm not sure if it applies every period, however, or just the 4th.

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