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Saturday, January 22, 2005

NFL Championship Predictions
Atlanta +5 over Philadelphia
I think my analysis last week wasn't that bad -- the Eagles can't catch. However, when there is no pressure on McNabb, he will eventually put it where it must be caught. Unlike the Rams, the Falcons can apply pressure with their front 4. The Eagles had a little trouble with Culpepper scrambling, so I look for a big day from Vick and a 10 point Falcons win.
Side Bet: Over 37.

Pittsburgh +3 over New England
I know the Pats are on a roll and the Steelers have a rookie QB. I just think that, as physical as they are, the Pats can't stop the Bus. Ben will make the plays necessary to win by about 6.
Side Bet: Under 34.5.

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