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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Playoff Week 2 Predictions
I gave another blogger some shit for going 1-3 last week (straight up and against the spread), so I figure I should make some predictions of my own. Here goes.

Jets +9 over Steelers
I actually like the Steelers in this one, especially with Pennington still hurt. However, I don't think they'll win by more than 7. The Jets seem to keep every game close. I'm not even daunted by the 12/12/04 Steelers 17-6 win.

Rams +7 over Falcons
I'd actually take the Rams without the points in this one. Their offense looked good last week, and their playing indoors. Other than the 9/19/04 game, the Rams have dominated the Falcons under Martz (wins of 28, 21, 16, 29, 18, and 36). Also, it's Mora's first trip to the playoffs as a head coach, which should help offset Martz's stupid decisions.

Vikings +9 over Eagles
Basically, the Eagles are horrible without Owens. Their last four games, even with starters in, have been ugly. They become one-dimensional: runs and screen passes (and I guess dropped balls). I don't know which receiving corps is worse -- Seahawks or Eagles less TO. Like above, I'd take the Vikings even without the points.

Patriots -2 over Colts
This is a tough one, and the only home favorite I'm picking. I know there's no Law or Poole, but Belichick will find a way. And we'll see the annual Peyton Manning face. The forecast of 32 degrees won't hurt, either.

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