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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Today I only had two modest goals: 1) put up the blinds in the living room; and 2) work out. That was hampered when I woke up at 2:00 (probably because I stayed up late watching a movie with one of my favorite actresses of that genre).
I checked my email to find out I'd sold another book on Amazon (my Oil and Gas [OG] supplement). I tried to ship it, but the post office was closed (after 1:00). Guess it'll have to wait till Monday. So, I went to Freebird's for my usual (RS2: regular with rice, black beans, mixed cheese, steak, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream, and lettuce) [I don't know which combination of keys I just pushed, but my computer just hibernated and came right back; also, I just switched from Boyz in the Hood {HBO} to Don't be a Menace in South Central While Drinkin' Your Juice in the Hood {HBOZ West} and got confused]. That makes 4 books sold now.
Then I watched the Seahawks-Rams game. Since Hasselbeck and Alexander have been on my fantasy team for a while, I was kinda rooting for them, but didn't really care. I will say, as an impartial observer, that the Seahawks got fucked on calls at least thrice.
Then I decided to start with the blinds. I was rollin' -- using scotch tape as a surrogate for a helping hand. Steps 1-2 were perfectly done. Step 3 referred to some kind of cover that should've slid into the supports. There were basically two ways to do Steps 1-2, and I did it the wrong way. Fuck. Time to undo it. No biggie. However, when I tried to redo it, I couldn't drill through the metal-framed portion of the door. One screw each it is. I did some QA and don't think it really matters. Then I finished up and I think it is ok. Job... done. However, I want to redo the other living room blinds now, too. There's nothing wrong with them, but they could be better. Depends on whether I want to spend that $40. Hmmm.
At 9:35 my friend called to say he was going to LaVaca street at about 10:00. Damn, I hadn't eaten or done #2. I half-ass combined them (meaning I didn't really do either, but killed 30 minutes trying) and made it there by 10:30 (I looked for free parking for a while and kinda found it -- that is, I didn't get towed, so I guess it was ok).
We went to LaVaca (1) for about 5 minutes, then to Ringers (2) to watch the end of Chargers-Jets (they have 1350" of HD). After we decided to leave, they started showing Suns-Clippers. Fuck. Then we went to Cuba Libre (3), but they had a pseudo-dress code (no baseball caps, but ski hats and berets were ok), so we left to pseudo-protest. Then we went to Foundation (4), which always sucks in my opinion and left within a couple minutes. Then we went to Lucky Lounge (5), which happened to be the last place of the night. I got the digits of some girl who will be 30 in a few days (she has chihuahuas or something). She looked good enough to me. I think she was somewhat offended by my "P.I.M.P." cell phone wallpaper, acquired by taking a picture of the tv when there was a cell phone wallpaper commercial on (i.e., I got it for free, and thus had to use it).
Which reminds me that the other day Rush was talking about how the 9th Cir. just dismissed Evel Kineval's defemation case against ESPN for calling him a pimp (they said it was meants as a compliment). Rush refused to believe the people that called saying that is true (even girls), but has since taken to calling callers pimps. It's kinda funny just to hear him say it.

Did I say I don't care about the NFL playoffs yet? No 49ers, no Cardinals, no Texans, no care. I'll still watch the games, but it's hollow without having someone to root for.

My goal for tomorrow is to go to some art thing at the Red Lion (I'll DVR the playoffs), but it's only open from 11:00-4:00, so I hope I wake up in time.

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