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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Fake Poker II
Friday is also fake poker day at Ringers. I was watching the Suns during the 8:00 tournament. I figured the Suns would run into the 10:00 tourny, too, and it did. However, that hadn't started as of 10:35, so I signed up. Tonight there were only like 50 entrants in the late tourny (126 last time I played). The competition may have been weaker (50% smaller field) or the same (hard-core players). Either way, I won tonight. I'll link to the page when they put up the scores.

I don't feel huge for several reasons: (1) I didn't win anything; (2) there is no buyin, so the talent level isn't high (and might have been lower than usual tonight); (3) I never was even close to going out (all in only once, with the nuts), so there was little excitement; and (4) Fridays are apparently separate from Wednesdays, so I can't even add this to my points from a couple weeks ago.

Apparently, if I play and win next Friday (or the one after that?), I would win a free buyin to a $1,000 online tournament. A win there would be a free cruise and a free buyin to the cruise tourny. Yeah right.

One odd thing is that I have yet to get a single pocket pair. Even in the real money SAS tournament I played in I got one 55 and the flop was 3 overcards, including an A. In sum, I've had one pocket pair in 3 tournaments, and it was obviously not playable after the flop.

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