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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Fake Poker III
I had nothing else to do tonight (party tomorrow night), so I went down to Ringers for some fake poker. This time there were about 90 players and I played pretty solidly (I really didn't do much wrong).

On the second to last hand, I had K-J offsuit and raised 18k. Everyone folded but the big bling (already in for 6k), who went all in for 30k more. I called (leaving me with 17k). He had A-Q offsuit. Hmmm. The flop came K-7-J. Two pair against a straight draw. The turn was a 10. Damn. Only 9% chance of another K or J. Nope, A. A win would have made me the chip leader. Oh well.

I was in first position, so I basically had to go all in with my Q-J offsuit the next hand. I got one caller who had A-6 offsuit. All 5 community cards were blanks, so I went home in 11th. Well, not really home, but to Soho. The people I was supposed to meet weren't there, but there were a bunch of 3Ls there for some reason. Mandy's friend (I still don't know her name) invited me to the ever-elusive dinner party where I'm supposed to bring Jello again.

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