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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fun Day
Yesterday my seminar was cancelled, so I was done for the week at 4:00. Then watched Get Over It, which I just got on DVD. Not very good: predictable, cheesey dialogue, some bad acting. However, there was one very good scene.

Today I saw Sideways. Pretty good: fairly predictable, but good dialogue and acting. I hadn't seen Thomas Haden Church in anything since Ned and Stacey.

Then I went to Ringers (1350" of HD!) to watch the Suns at the Timberwolves. The Suns were up by about 14 until the 3rd quarter when they started hitting 3s. Then they were suddenly up by 40 until putting in Paul Shirley and winning by 29.

Ringers was hosting the fantasy poker tour, which is free to play, so my friend and I took a shot. I played fairly tight, which allowed me to win some bluffs about midway through. I slowly built up to about 35,000 chips. There was already ~40,000 in the pot and someone went all in ahead of me for about 30,000. I had A7 offsuit, so I called. He had AJ. Ouch. However, I got a 7 on the river, putting me in about 5th place overall with 94,000. Soon after, the tables were consolidated to 2 with 7 at each. A few people went out, then I made a dumb move.
I thought the chip leader was trying to steal the blinds, so I raised big with Q9. He reraised and I called. Flop was KKx. I bet big and he raised and I called. x on the turn. I bet big again and he called. 10. I had nothing. I took a stab and he went all in. I folded, but he showed AK. If only I had caught a J at some point. But, I was still alive at 14,000.
Then I got blinded out of 5,000, but didn't go all in with my 36. Of course the flop was 36x and I would have quadroupled up. I did go all in the next hand with K10 and got an all-in caller with 23 and a second caller (the chip leader again) with AK (again). Flop was 10xx. Hooray! Then K. Hooray! Then A. Booo.
I ended up 9th out of 126. Not too shabby, but I'm killing myself over that horrible Q9 play.

I missed the SOTU, but am watching the last 50%+ now. I wish he would say that some people consider Social Security a ponzi scheme and that opting out should be an option.

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to an IP symposium at school. Someone from Knobbe (called a "super hot shot litigator" by the announcement email) is speaking, so I'll try to wrangle a free dinner.

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