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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Tonight I may have coined the phrase "No or Number."* At about 1:30, I was hitting on a girl (Sarah; very very hot; we talked about contact lenses) at Shakespeare's who then went to the bathroom. I hit on her some more and one of her girlfriends started grinding her. I asked if she was rejecting me and she said "I don't want to." A little later, I told her "I'm going to keep on hitting on you unless you give me a 'No' or a 'Number.'" Then she said she had a boyfriend but didn't want to give me a "No." At that point, I could've said that I would give her my number or something, but I let it go. She was hot.

After closing time, I saw a cute girl on the street. After she was done on the phone, I said "You should be calling me."* I talked to her a little and she said she would give me her number if I could memorize it. Hooray for the photographic memnory! For once, it does me good. I did, and called it (expecting voicemail) and got her. She was close, so I showed her that it was me calling and then she gave me a good hug. Once I stumbled to my car, I called to leave a new voicemail, but she answered again. Damn. I told her she was pretty and said I'd call her tomorrow about dinner. I'll blog more if there are any more "updates."

*All quotes are purely paraphrasing as I can't remember the exact wording.

Fuck, HOA meeting in less than 7 hours.

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