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Monday, February 14, 2005

Sports Bits
So far, my favorite moment of the year came from the PMBR Open. Fatty was on 16 with about 200k people around (or so the announcers said). It got quiet, then he hit it into the deep bunker. The crowd loudly booed and then chanted U-of-A!, U-of-A!. Good times.

The quote of the year has to come from Shawn Marion:
When you play the Warriors, one thing you know is they will miss a lot of shots.

Yes, they missed 75. In one game. Suns are now 41-12, in sole possession of 1st place in the West 1/2 game ahead of the Spurs.

The Pro Bowl needs to go away, but the skills competition needs to be expanded.
Speaking of All-Star games, I still agree with Bill Simmons that the NBA needs to add HORSE and the high dunk.

I swear that I watched and even replayed my DVR closely, and UCLA got two straight posession arrows against UA. When will they go to a jump ball again?
I was also pissed when SportsCenter did a "rivalry week" highlight rundown and didn't include UA-UCLA. I am also getting annoyed with the ACC-centrism. I think Duke won 3 years ago and that was the only time in the last 7 years, yet ESPN still sucks their cock. Until they don't win the title, the Big East is the best.
Speaking of UA, Salim is much better than both Redick and McNamara:
Salim: 53.2% FG, 54.7% 3s, 91.4% FT, 17.9 PPG
Gerry: 39.4% FG, 35.0% 3s, 84.8% FT, 16.1 PPG
Redick: 41.2% FG, 41.7% 3s, 93.2% FT, 22.5 PPG
He's also probably the only one that won't be drafted. Damn heighist/racists.

Until he shows that he's still buff and coherent on tv, I don't believe that Mac didn't take steroids. I really think that 90% of the accomplishments of the 90s deserve to be stricken from the record if not exclamation points (even more harsh than an asterisk).

I haven't followed the NHL since Brett Hull was a Blue.

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