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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fantastic Finishes
I caught the end two games tonight: Sharapova-Williams and the NIT championship.

Sharapova was up 6-4 6-1 and had a match point. Venus fought back to 6-3 with triple break point. Sharapova made it duece, and it went back and forth several times until Sharapova won. Also, she's hot.
I've long thought that there should be only three women's sports: tennis, swimming/diving, and gymnastics. And they should be on tv often.
Oh, and volleyball is ok, too, but only sand.

South Carolina was up 6 with about 30 seconds left, then St. Joseph's hit a flurry of 3s to tie it up. Then South Carolina came down and hit a 3 as time ran out (0.7 seconds left) to seal the championship. I tell you, these NIT games are as good as the NCAA games, just with less talent.

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Fake Poker
I think that I finished in the top 30 for Ringers Fridays after just the 1st and 11th in four times playing there, which should get me a seat at an invitational tournament.

From now on, though, I'm probably going to play Ringers Wednesdays. I've got nothing else going on, no one else has Thursdays off, and that Ringers waitress often plays the late game and gets me free Dr Peppers during the early game. Apparently we're now at the "hug when I walk into the bar" stage.

In the early game, I was doing ok. Then I went all in on A-9 suited after the flop was 9-xh-yh. Two callers, one with J-9 offsuit and one with Q-z offsuit. Yep, tripled up and was in control. Some guy got knocked out, then his friend had to leave and gave up his chips, which took me out of control. I played pretty well for a while, then got 9-9. You may recall that the last time I played I was knocked out with 9-9 when K-J hit runner runner straight. I went all in and got a caller (the inherited big stack), who had K-Q. The flop was J-J-8. So far so good. A. Hmmm. 10. Hooray, beat by runner runner straight again! Out in 16th place. My stack was large enough that I probably could have folded everything and gotten top 10. Oh well, it's just fake poker.

In the late game, I played pretty poorly. I made a couple good bluffs, then got involved in a hand I shouldn't have and lose about 1/3 of my stack when I got out of it. Then I limped in with Q-J suited. Flop was 6-8-10 with one other player. Check check. 9, giving be the nut straight. All in and called. Pocket 9-9 for her (I didn't feel bad). River was a 6. Fucking fuck. I hate pocket 9s. Out in 68th place or so.

I didn't play real poker when I got home like I had in the past because I played NCAA 2k5 instead. I've transfered from TX Southern to Oregon State. My Beavers are #1 since I have a roster full of 5-star recruits. Something I didn't anticipate was that players leave early if their ability is 99. Oh well, replace them with other 99s. OSU plays in the Gill Colliseum, which I think is kind of funny. I've also grown fond of Benny Beaver.

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Hit from the Side
Today I went to Target to get Dial ($1.79 for three bars of "Dial with Vitamins" which I like because it is glycerin based) and generic contact lens solution ($3.44 for two big bottles, whereas one bottle of Alcon is $7+). On the way out, I got a white* cherry Icee.

Driving home, I usually get off on 38 1/2th Street but turn right at 41st Street, which allows me to go straight through 38 1/2th, which isn't fun to turn left from. Today, some, umm, drivers, were kind enough that I couldn't do that and I had to turn right on 38 1/2th Street.
The traffic is so busy that only the car ahead of me got to go. Do-dee-do, waiting for the cars going through on Red River wishing that was me, do-dee-do.
Some dude in an F250 pulling a huge (18'?) moving trailer was turning right to go North on Red River and crunched the back right side of my car. Rather than turning left, I carefully turned right and we met on 40th Street, just after he hopped that curb by a good 4'. He very obviously didn't know how to drive his truck with that trailer.
I called the cops and they came after about 15 minutes. He "helped" us exchange information and issued a case number, but no citation. I called my insurance company and then his. This shouldn't cost me anything, although I know it will. At the very least, this is a huge hassle.
Also, it's raining now, which is probably not good for my damaged car.

Maybe I should have just gone to HEB and sprung for the name brand solution.

UPDATE: Fixed "chite" to "white," not to be confused with "shite."

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Paper on Drought
I finished the rough draft of my seminar paper today. I think it still needs some work, but is at the point where another set of eyes is good for it. I just hope I don't have to do a ton of new work on it over the next couple months as it would be nice to be down to effectively two two-hour classes. Of course, now I feel much less busy.

At the same time, I've continued working on my place. Painted the caulk from the other day and some other areas that needed touch-up. I'm going to put up a curtain rod and curtains tomorrow, although I might just do prep work until I can get some help. Overall, I think that what I've done looks better than it was before, and makes the place more sellable. If the paint matching had worked better, everything would be perfect.

My usual Tuesday is getting Church's ($0.99 for two pieces of dark meat, so I get three of those, three biscuits, and cole slaw which makes two good cheap meals) and watching According to Jim on HDTV. Tonight was no exception. Ah, the glory that is my day to day life.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

More Bar Info
Not the drinking kind!

I called the CA bar on Friday to ask about the letter. After several transfers, the person on the other end asked for the date on my letter.
"March 21."
"Oh, the problem was fixed on March 21, so you can ignore that."
"So there is no problem."
Yeah, we'll see if that holds up.

They also confirmed that I've been assigned to Ontario. I guess I'm just taking the bar there, but still, Ontario sucks. I booked a room at the Doubletree, which looks really nice, but is insanely expensive (with tax, about $200/night for 4 nights -- one of which I have to pay for). I'm still trying to decide if I want to fly into Ontario and out of LAX or SNA due to looking for housing. Or I could do round trip since I would need to rent a car anyways. Hmmm.

They also sent back the copy of my MPRE score I sent in. Oddly, that was extra (they just asked if I'd taken it, not if I'd passed or for proof that I'd passed). I'm supposed to get an official score sheet to them. The fun of bureaucracy.

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Hot Caulk on Caulk Action
Today my friend helped me put up the crown moldings in my living room. I'd been putting it off for other things (going out, NCAA tournament, school), but decided that all of that needed to take a second fiddle since I'm pretty sure the naked wall was what stuck in the memory of the 10 or so people that have looked at my place thus far. While I'm at it, I'm adding some more caulk to where the last people didn't do such a great job.

At first, I was wearing gloves, but then they broke and I was out. Not wanting to stop, I used my bare hand. Caulk washes off pretty easily, so no harm no foul. I'm going through paper towels pretty quickly, though.

I need to paint what I caulked tomorrow morning. Yep, completely ignoring the seminar paper that's due Tuesday.

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Another Good Game
I've been on quite a roll seeing good games in person the last few months. First there was the Rose Bowl, then the Suns at Mavericks, and today the Michigan State 2OT win over Kentucky. Of course, it's easy to forget the three UT basketball games and UA at USC football game within that span, none of which was close, and the other UT football games that weren't blowouts, but also weren't exciting. I think it's more a case of selective memory of the good ones and a large quantity that makes it seem like I'm lucky in terms of quality.

I don't want to talk much about yesterday's UA game. I think there is no one to blame but Lute. The refs weren't calling fouls all game, so they should have expected to get hacked at the end. The crowd didn't help, but UA was able to build the lead with the crowd against them. The floor was equally slippery for UICU.
The fact is that Lute should have done something to break the press and traps better, run down the clock better, have Salim shoot all the free throws, or continue to get the ball inside. Then he should have had Salim take the last shot in both regulation and overtime with Adams and Frye crashing the boards hard. I just can't believe all of the ineptitude I've seen in the final 10 seconds the last couple days, even including the D-II championship game.

Despite the UA loss, there is no sporting event or form of entertainment better than the NCAA tournament. I think that a hypothetical football tournament would be just as exciting.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Buckin' Good
Tonight some friends and I tried to go to the Austin regional. We watched Redick suck ass against MSU, then went down to Erwin to get tickets off dejected Dukies.

The NCAA decided that it would be a good idea to not let people with tickets back in. Thus, everyone left after the first game, leaving about half the seats empty for the second game. After much trying and failing to get into Utah/Kentucky, we settled for tickets to Sunday only.
Face value was $60. The scalper wanted $100 each for 3 tickets. We offered $240 for 4 and he accepted. Some scalpers walked away in a huff when we wouldn't consider $200-250 each. Delusional and poor salesmen all.
I called my friend from Samsung that went to MSU to offer the extra. Oops - he had TiVoed it and my call tipped him off to the outcome. I never explicitly said they won, so I tried to pretend he would want to see Duke. Didn't work. He said he also needed one for his son, who, damn, is like 9 or 10 now.

While talking to the scalper, the wind really picked up. I was almost taken out by a 3'x2'x2" plastic sign. Then the wind shifted in the complete opposite direction. That should have been a sign of things to come. We decided to go to Sholtz's Bier Garten, which is fairly close to Erwin. At that point, the rain was nuts. There was hail nearby and the news called it the worst flash flood in the last couple years. Good time to be walking around looking for a bar. We eventually took refuge in a parking garage and called a cab (then took a different cab).

We watched the last two games at my place. That travelling call on Villanova might be the worst call of the tournament after the goal-tending at the end of the UA game.

Then we went to meet people downtown. Once I parked, I couldn't get hold of the Fox and Hound people and didn't see them after a quick look around. The Star Bar people had moved to B-Side. I was able to find them. My friend was talking to some retired oil and gas lawyer. I talked to his friend whom I've met and her friends.

Then we met up with a different friend who was also unable to find the Fox and Hound people and went to Cuba Libre, where 32 year old women love the mahido. My friend and I tried to play wingmen, or to at least make small talk with, my friend's friend's friends. Cold shoulder. They seriously treated us like we shouldn't even be talking to them.

At some point, 4 tall ass mofos walked in. When he turned around, I recognized one as Brad Buckman. He got some Jager bombs for him and his friends. My friend's great unused line was: "I haven't seen you throw down bombs like that since Vermont." I really wish that we'd seen Redick out so I could get a picture of me yelling "SALIM!" in his face. No such luck. I didn't ask for a picture or anything, so he couldn't be the rubber match of UT athletes' assholeness (after Benson and Jeffrey).

Then we went to Fado. Nothing much to report. I guess I'll say here that I may have converted from beer to gin and tonics and vodka tonics [I wonder why the former requires an "and" but the latter doesn't]. Clear liquor means no hangover. One problem is that they're usually like $5 each.

Then we left at closing. The ground was still wet from the flash flood. My friend's friend was standing in a puddle and said, "Ew." I told her she was standing in pee. One of her (bitchy) friends said something about how it was rain and she was a meteorologist. I asked if she said she was a urologist. Of course that didn't go over too well.

Then I planned to go out with my friend's friend while he's out of town. Apparently, we're supposed to go to a sex show of some kind. I suggested Juarez, although all I know about it is that it's a border town. Maybe we'll settle for Sugars.

For the first time ever, I feel like Doogie Howser typing in his computer at the end of each night. I really feel bad about how almost all my posts are made when I get home from the bars. I need to change the description.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Roller Coaster
Today went from not good to awful to good to great to mediocre to not great.

Not Good: I lazily slept in until I got a call from a Realtor who showed my place at 2:00, which made me get up. I did very little work on my seminar paper. I played a little CH2k5, but Bronski Lufkin is sucking.

Awful: At around 5:40, I headed downtown to Ringers to get a table for the late games. Traffic was heavy, so I didn't park and get there until about 6:05. All the tables and barstools were full. It got to the point where it would be hard to get a drink let alone get a table. Then a line formed outside, which I had never seen before.
Eventually, I gave up and went to Fox and Hound. Not as bad, but still no tables by TVs. Plan C was BW3, which had seating, food, and both games on (19" fuzzy TVs).
I ate there (and won a free Miller Lite), met up with a friend, and went to Logan's, where the guy checking IDs assured us that they had two games on earlier. After repeated requests from myself, our waitress, and my friend to change a TV to the UA game to no avail, we left. At B.D. Riley's, I was unable to obtain the attention of the sole bartender let alone have him change one of their TVs to the UA game.
Thus, back to BW3 to watch the game on shitty TVs. Shoulda stayed home.

Good: UA won on Salim's shot with 2.6 seconds left. Good times. There were actually about 4 UA grads there, which made it fun to celebrate. With the games over, time to leave.

Great: UA had won and everyone I was supposed to meet up with was at BW3 (no logistics problems). I talked with the UA grads for a bit and we took off to Apple Bar. POTOK!!! I talked to her for a bit, and she asked me what my name was (this could be good or bad -- either way, POTOK!!!). I got a $5 Bud Light (WTF?) and then apparently everyone was leaving. Chug chug.
We went to 219 West (4th Street is their address, get it?). Blah blah random law school people. Blah blah... POTOK!!! I was getting a drink at roughly the same time she was near the bar, so I asked if she was stalking me. Yeah, cold shoulder. I had the last laugh (or maybe the first) when she left because the guy she came in with was hitting on ... well, I wouldn't. Much discussion of Potok ensued. I said she was a 7 who is bitchy because she is stupid and (two separate things here) thinks she's an 11, which boosts her to an 8. My friend said she's a 6 who thinks she's a 12 and neither stupidity nor egotism offers a boost. Nonetheless, a UA Sweet 16 win and hitting on Potok in the same night is great, no matter how it started.
At some point, I noticed a guy in a Bibby jersey. I talked to him for a bit, and he invited me to Ringers for the next game. I guess he played at Dobson or something.

Mediocre: At some point, I got a horrible headache (not the Steven Smith kind). I guess Potok's untimely leaving also wasn't great.

Not Great: When I got home, I checked the mail. The only thing was a letter from the CA Bar, which said:
The Office of Admissions' records indicate that your application is incomplete and not considered filed for the reason(s) stated below:

Your registration has been received but it is incomplete. Please call eligibility department at (213)...

They also have me down for the Ontario location, which was my second choice. Ugh.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Condo For Sale
I put a link at the top advertising my condo's MLS listing. I've had 5 people look at it in 7 days, which I think is a good sign with about 4 months to go. I still need to put the crown molding up and figure out my paint situation, but with a busy weekend coming up and my seminar paper's rough draft due Tuesday, I'm not sure when. No one has seemed to really mind so far, so maybe it's not that big a deal.

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Spring Break Wednesday
As I said last time, I woke up feeling ok. My left contact was on the bottom of a cup, so I had to put in a new pair. Also probably a good idea since I wore them for about 23 hours straight.

Once refreshed, I checked to see whether the door was cleaned. Nope. Fuck Holiday Inn. The first thing I did after going downstairs was to suggest that they clean it.

Something I noticed right off was how windy it was. The Weather Channel said 25-35 mph all day. And 50 degrees! Needless to say, there was no one outside, on the beach, or by the pool. Plan B?

We went to Port Isabelle to have lunch with my friend's friend at her store, which was opening on Friday. She said it would be a good day for Matamoros, Mexico. Viola, Plan B.

Matamoros was about 25 miles away down SR 48. It was my third border town after Nogales and Tijuana.

We parked in Brownsville right by TSC (Texas Southmost College) at a meter. The meter was very reasonably priced: 15 minutes for a nickel, 30 minutes for a dime, and an hour for a quarter. I plugged in my spare change, but then it ate my quarters because there was a two hour limit. That's the greed.

We walked across the Rio Grande via the $0.50 toll bridge. Once across, we were given a map and accosted by taxi drivers. We meandered our way to the market area. They had such products as region 2 DVDs in Spanish (including Mexican porn), ripped Mexican CDs, pinatas, fruit, conk-shell necklaces, "lead-free" silver, and swords. I got some Patron Silver (not a great price, but better than here) and a tiny glass chess set. My friend was looking at some wrestling masks at one store. We got a taxi back to the border.

The fare back across was only $0.30, which was a good surprise. Customs was much more thorough than in TJ. I had to open all my bags, unwrap stuff, and empty my pockets. My friend got the same treatment. I won't go into detail, but I got to chat with the TABC guy (after he collected my $0.98 tax) for about 45 minutes, and it's a good thing he didn't buy a wrestling mask or Mexican porn.
As an aside, TX residents are allowed to bring a quart of liquor back, but non-TX residents are allowed to bring a gallon. Cigarettes are taxed, but cigars are not. Cuban cigars are confiscated and there is a $50 fine.

On the way back, we stopped by the Port Isabelle HEB for mixers, limes, and a knife to cut the limes. With the bottle opener, we were slowly amassing a kitchen. The pizza box from the previous night made a good cutting board.

Taco bar again for dinner. Still good, but getting kind of old. While waiting to pay, I swear that some OU guy yelled, "Aye... Aye dawg aye!" about 30 times to someone that was obviously ignoring him. Fuck OU. The door was clean by then.

That night we went to Tequila Frogs. I was fairly sober when we got there, so I remember it a little more. That's about opposite of what it should have been. Until about 11:00, there ratio was at least 20:1. Bad times. It was at this point that the great vodka tonic experiment began. That's all we drank that night so as to avoid any kind of hangover. (It worked.)

We went upstairs because it was enclosed and still cold and windy outside, eventually ending up in a pseudo-VIP area (a side room with couches). Some girl that was giving a ... err, dancing with, a guy said she was in charge of it or something. Random people came in and out... mostly guys. At one point, my friend bought some beers for underage guys from Austin and Sweden, which were promptly confiscated by the test-tube-shot-waitress/Nazi. The Swedish dude said he gets to fly anywhere internationally for $100 and anywhere in the US for $50. I'm guessing that's heavily subsidized.

The upstairs really started to fill up, so I went downstairs to piss. No one else in the bathroom. On the way back, I stopped to get more drinks and Robyn from Real World San Diego was by the bar, making that task nearly impossible.
Big Aside: On that season, she was by far the worst looking after Cameron and the Asian girl. However, there she looked ok. Her face was really different, her hair was a lot longer, and she'd lost a lot of weight. Her DDs were still comical, but were actually out of proportion after the weight loss. Still not great, but not the repulsive skank from the show. I DVRed the Inferno II for some reason (confused about Pimp My Ride?), and she's a "Good Guy" on that show despite being thrown into jail for battery during her season. I guess that given all the Real World and Road Rules people, that would be in the top 50% for behavior. During this particular Inferno II episode, she was having an argument wtih Tonya from Real World Chicago. IMHO, Tonya is the hottest girl ever on MTV. Ever. By far. She is also fucking nuts. Robyn was back to looking like she did on her season of Real World (that is, not good at all). Hmmm.
They eventually kicked us out of pseudo-VIP to let Robyn and her posse take over. It was really amazing to see how these D-list celebs (Mark from some other Real World season was there too, but I don't know who he is) were treated as royalty.

My friend went downstairs to use the restroom, and they wouldn't let him back inside. After a while, I tried to go outside, but they weren't allowing that either. Funny isolationists. I did eventually work my way outside, where we were stuck in the cold wind for the rest of the night.

Well, might as well have been as girls started dancing on the stage at that point. Lots of dancing, nearly no flashing. Booo. Yep, a while of that. Eventually, a Girls Gone Wild wet t-shirt contest started. I had a very good vantage point -- cold enough to be splashed by water, making it freezing out. The girls were quite obviously professionals for at least four reasons: (1) they were all dressed identically in the t-shirts and jeans despite the fact that about 5% of the girls were wearing jeans; (2) I didn't see any of them before or after the contest, and there were few enough girls there that I'd definitely notice that type of talent; (3) they were all very tan all over; and (4) there was no prize of any kind, yet they endured the freezing temperatures to bare their wares. So when you see that crazy footage on the commercials, keep in mind that they are most likely not random girls but are professionals flown in for the occasion. Still, I don't think there's such thing as a bad wet t-shirt contest (I say that with a bunch of caveats). I got some pics, but I keep this blog safe for work.

I had to go to the bathroom again and this time there was a line at least 20 guys deep just to get in the door. By the time I was at the front, there was some guy from New Jersey pissing all over the sink. Great. Didn't wash my hands.

More of the same until we took off. I was disappointed that I didn't hit on too many girls, but there weren't that many there and I think I was burned out from the previous night. My friend got some girl's number, I think from Indianapolis and named Katie. I probably should have been wingmanning it, but her friend looked really pissed off as a default. She was also being hit on by other random guys I was glad to let at her.

I got another free t-shirt that Puckers was throwing to the crowd. There were near fights over many of them, but it just landed at my feet and I picked it up. I was unable to barter it for anything I'd like better.

We took a cab back to the hotel (again $2 each) and that was it for the night as far as I recall.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring Break Tuesday
I don't want to make a mega-post now, so I'm going to try to divide it into days. That probably means that I'll forget more as time wears on.

Left Austin at 7:30am. Drove towards San Antonio, didn't know to get off on I-37 from I-35, so we had to take a detour through Los Angeles, TX. I think we also traveled through San Diego, TX at some point.

We checked into the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort at around 4:00. They had a $50 per person cash room deposit and required each guest to buy $25 security wristbands, which we got to wear for the week. However, they did not ask to see a AAA card, despite the discount on the room. Good thing as neither of us had one.

We saw a riot on the beach that was instigated when some OU guy planted a flag in the head of a Jesus sculpture right next to some A&M guys. Lots of glass bottles and bottles full of sand flew around. Almost no security. Good times.
While watching, I tried to bum a beer off some Baylor girls. Nothing doing. My friend and I agreed that turquise was the best on the beach. Later we saw that turquoise was staying three doors down.

We had brought a 12-pack of Fat Tire, but no bottle opener. My friend figured out how to use the ironing board. Good times.

We hit the $5.99 taco bar and talked briefly with some Minnesota girls. Briefly enough that I don't remember if they drove or flew. The food was actually pretty good, especially for the price. We drank a little more in the room after I bought a bottle opener ($0.69), then went out.

Outside, we caught a taxi to Louie's for $2 each. Pretty reasonable.

Other than getting the first drink and going upstairs, I remember very little about Louie's. The two drinks I had were 7-8 shots each. After a lot of recent beer. Yep. I've been told that I hit on a lot of talent, which I can't remember not doing. I have one picture (below) and one phone number (Dallas area code) to show for it. I called the number and didn't recall (and couldn't really make out) the name on the voicemail, so it was really a wash. Bad times.

Posted by Hello

At one point, I ran into a guy from my analytical methods class. I'm pretty sure he's a Scottish exchange student, so I said he should be wearing a kilt. He was.

I also lost my free t-shirt at some point. No matter as it was promotional and my friend tossed his when we left.

On the way back, we got on a bus (I'm told) for free. Also, at some point I somehow acquired a peanut butter M-Azing. Still haven't eaten it. However, I distinctly recall rejecting a normal M-Azing because the wrapper was open.

Back at the hotel, the door was covered in chewing tobacco. I called the front desk, and they told me to clean it myself. WHAT THE FUCK? I was really pissed and punched the door. I then called the 1-800 number, who told me to speak with the manager at the front desk. I did, and she said she would have it cleaned or clean it herself.

Then I remember my friend telling me to eat pizza while I passed out clutching my hand. I awoke at 5:00am to puke and take out my contacts. Apparently, I decided that my left contact best fits under a cup. Good thing I brought extra pairs.

Despite the crazy drinking, I felt ok the next morning. Not 100%, nut not the 10% I expected.

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Fake Poker VI
Tonight I played for the first time at South Forty (not South 40). My trademark class goes until 6:15, so I could only play the 10:00 game. Why play there? On Saturday, a Ringers waitress made it plain that she would be there and wanted me to be there, too.

She was still playing the 7:00 game, so I watched the amazing (seriously) Wichita State at Vandy NIT game. When she got knocked out (9th with 99), she invited me to play a quick fake game with some friends. Despite my pocket AA, I was out first. Then I played dealer and we rigged it so she won. Despite my crapping dealing, no one noticed.

While still waiting for the late tournament, we did double Crown shots. Hmmm. Also, she gave me a Crown cap to put on top of my cards. I accepted it but didn't use it.

I was assigned to table 5 and she was at table 4. Every now and then we compared stacks. I felt bad because I was always about 3-4x. By the time I got knocked out at 13th, she had left. I heard differing accounts of why, but when we did the second round of Crown double shots in the middle of the tournament, she said to make sure to come to Ringers on Wednesday for fake poker.

I really don't even know what I went out on or the circumstances of my demise, but I got 13th. Whatever. I'll pay attention if there's money or a prize or anything on the line.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Uniform Rant
I didn't write this, but I could have.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

I can't see how Duke can get a #1 seed over Oklahoma State.

The ACC has 5 tournament teams. The Big 12 has 6 tournament teams. Both the regular season and tournament should be tougher from top to bottom in the Big 12. This is buttressed by the strength of schedule rankings: Duke 10, OSU 5.

To win their tournament, Duke beat Virginia, North Carolina State (10 seed), and Georgia Tech (5 seed). To win their tournament, OSU beat Colorado, Kansas (3 seed), and Texas Tech (6 seed). The tournament was Big 12 tournament was tougher to win.

Duke's good non-conference wins were Michigan State (5 seed) and Oklahoma (3 seed), both at home. OSU's good non-conference wins were at Syracuse (4 seed) and UAB (11 seed). The non-conference schedules are basically a wash, but Duke didn't play anyone decent away from home.

Duke non-tournament team losses included Maryland, Maryland, and Virginia Tech. OSU non-tournament team loses included Nebraska. Duke is more likely to lose to bad teams.

Perhaps it was Washington that didn't deserve a #1 seed, but I think that OSU should have been ahead of Duke. I guess we'll see who gets to the Final Four.

I also think that UConn's 2 seed is a joke for a team that was in and out of the top 20 all year. On the flip side, the Big East otherwise got the shaft, with Syracuse at 4, BC at 4, Pitt at 9, West Virginia at 7, and Villanova at 5. I also question Kentucky's 2 seed. All of the 3 seeds except Gonzaga could have been 1s let alone 2s. The Big 10 got too much respect with 4 teams. Sure, Illinois was undefeated most of the year, but their strength of schedule was in the 60s.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Tonight started with watching basketball at Ringers.
The Good: The Cats won 90-59. At one point, I was afraid that Salim tore his ACL, or at least MCL. He came back in a few minutes later. A win tomorrow should guarantee a 2 seed if not put us in position for a 1.
The Bad: After being up by 14 with about 3:00 left in the 3rd quarter, the Suns managed to lose by about 20. Something is seriously wrong with Nash based on his shitty play the last two games.
The Ugly: I guess I shouldn't say ugly, but there was a girl that wasn't super attractive at Red Fez (bar #3) with "new" breasts. She said they felt real on top, so I tested it out. And then some. Basically pretty hard. I sadly think that Red Fez is a destination for 3s and 4s -- I wouldn't recommend it.

Lest ye think that I only go to Ringers, I went to some other places (Buffalo, Shakespeare's, Logan's) last night and didn't go there. For some reason, there was no poker at Ringers tonight (not that I would have played if there was).
At one point, one of my friends had to go back into work at Samsung. Yes, that is one reason that I left. As a lawyer, there may be some long nights, but there won't be many, if any, nights that require going back in at 12:30am after drinking for 4 hours.

A friend said that the other night I told a girl that she looked like Ann Coulter as a pickup line and it didn't work. Soberer, I can't believe that even drunken Gel thought that was acceptable, let alone a good idea. A friend (girl) said that, depending on age, you should tell a girl she looks like: Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, or Michelle Pfieffer. I asked if that logic extended all the way to Betty White, and she said no.

I really don't mean for this to be a drunken ramblings blog, but hey, that's me at this point.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Tonight started with watching basketball at Ringers.
The Good: The Cats won 90-59. At one point, I was afraid that Salim tore his ACL, or at least MCL. He came back in a few minutes later. A win tomorrow should guarantee a 2 seed if not put us in position for a 1.
The Bad: After being up by 14 with about 3:00 left in the 3rd quarter, the Suns managed to lose by about 20. Something is seriously wrong with Nash based on his shitty play the last two games.
The Ugly: I guess I shouldn't say ugly, but there was a girl that wasn't super attractive at Red Fez (bar #3) with "new" breasts. She said they felt real on top, so I tested it out. And then some. Basically pretty hard. I sadly think that Red Fez is a destination for 3s and 4s -- I wouldn't recommend it.

Lest ye think that I only go to Ringers, I went to some other places (Buffalo, Shakespeare's, Logan's) last night and didn't go there. For some reason, there was no poker at Ringers tonight (not that I would have played if there was).
At one point, one of my friends had to go back into work at Samsung. Yes, that is one reason that I left. As a lawyer, there may be some long nights, but there won't be many, if any, nights that require going back in at 12:30am after drinking for 4 hours.

A friend said that the other night I told a girl that she looked like Ann Coulter as a pickup line and it didn't work. Soberer, I can't believe that even drunken Gel thought that was acceptable, let alone a good idea. A friend (girl) said that, depending on age, you should tell a girl she looks like: Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, or Michelle Pfieffer. I asked if that logic extended all the way to Betty White, and she said no.

I really don't mean for this to be a drunken ramblings blog, but hey, that's me at this point.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Moldy Twinkie
I watched the Suns game tonight at Ringers (1350" of HD!). There seemed to be a lot of new waitresses. Poor-man's Potok was there (speaking of which, she has reportedly looked really good[er?] lately, although I'm rarely at school) as well as glasses-makes-out-with-girls girl. My throat got scratchy yelling at the refs (the Suns didn't get one call and the Spurs were repeatedly bailed out) and Nash (9 TOs). But the Suns beat the Dunobli-less Spurs for the first time this year, which is good to see.

When I got home I was kinda hungry, so I bit into a Twinkie. It didn't taste right, so I looked at it. Yep, moldy. It was only like 2 weeks old. I saw a Family Guy where they thought that they could live off Twinkies after a nuclear blast. Only for a week, I guess. I switched to pudding, which isn't quite as filling.

Then I booked a room for Spring Break in South Padre. Orbitz didn't seem to want to guarantee two beds, so I called Holiday Inn (800-HOLIDAY) directly. Like I said, my voice is scratchy, so it was a little strange. Unlike Orbitz, they couldn't guarantee non-smoking for a standard room, so I upgraded to partial view. However, I also assumed a AAA discount, which I don't have. Hopefully someone I'm going with will have it. If not, maybe I'll sign up this week.

I haven't watched it yet, but I DVRed New York Minute tonight.

I met with my real estate agent today to put my condo on the market. He brought an exclusive right to sell agreement, but I changed the language to an exclusive agency agreement. Thanks, Rider!

I went to a student loan repayment workshop today. I guess there's some kind of conspiracy and everyone offers 2.875% fixed for 25 years for a consolidated student loan. The odd thing is that non-consolidated is 3.375% for 10 years. I guess it's due to a law or something, but something seems fishy there.

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Diego es Grande

I though that coke made you skinny. Maybe not paying taxes makes you fat. Yes, that's my story: I pay too many taxes to be fat.

Compare to Pele:

Hat tip to Chris Lynch.

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Bush Grocery Myth
People seem to have cited this meme a lot in the last year, including Grags. Bush 41 was not confused by regular grocery scanning technology.

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Going Post-al
That's supposed to be a pun on post (as in this is a blog "post") and going to the "Post" Office, which I've been doing frequently. Ugh.

I've been doing a lot or remodelling in anticipation of selling my place.

1. Bathtub Recaulk
I've had the materials to do this, but have put it off for a while for some reason. Caulk-Be-Gone works well, and then I used GE Silicon I. Not as easy to work with as I expected, but I think it got the job done and looks 1,000 times better. While I was at it I did the kitchen sink, which was really more a matter of cleaning up a sloppy job than requiring a redo.

2. Crown Moldings
The ones between the living room and kitchen were falling a little, so I had to rip them down to put them back up. There were many many complications with this, but they are almost ready to go back up.

3. Painting
I had previously tried to guess what colors would match, but I decided to try Home Depot's color matching. I took some paint chips and the lady yelled at me because they were too small. I got better ones (that was fun) and the matches looked very close to my samples. However, I tried to touch up the bathroom and the match isn't perfect. I think now I need to repaint the whole thing (probably in a color that it isn't now and not the bad match paint that I have). I haven't tried the off-white and white yet, but there's no way I'm repainting the rest of the place.

4. Kitchen Faucet
After much looking, I finally figure out that I have a Price Pfister 734 series, which they don't make in white anymore. I did some tightening with my new vice grips (see #5) and that helped, especailly with the side sprayer.

5. Vice Grips
For some reason, there was random shit attached to various walls and doors with stripped screws. These helped a lot.

Still lots to do, but I'm making progress. But I'm also not posting in, which is bad for all my loyal readers.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

College Hoops 2K5
I'm feeling pretty good about myself as I'm building TX Southern into a basketball power in legacy mode. I'm about to enter my 4th season and my contract just got picked up for another four years.
The first year we struggled, going 8-18 and only getting one 2-star recruit.
The second year was better, going 14-14 and landing one 4-star recruit, a 6'-6" JuCo center that is poised to blossom into a great shot blocker this season.
The third year was even better, going 15-13, winning the SWAC tournament to earn an NCAA birth, where Cincinnati trounced us. We also had an amazing recruiting season, landing two 4-star recruits, one of whom is immediately the best player on the team, as well as three 3-stars, a 2-star, and a 1-star. The cool thing is that they may be better or worse than their "star" ranking. Scouting will reveal some of that, but there is only so much you can do at a small school. Here is a breakdown of stars versus overall player rating for my incoming class (my best player last year was a 78):
1-star 62
2-star 46 [he'll get a redshirt]
3-star 64, 65, 70
4-star 70, 75

As you can tell, I'm way into this game. Right now, I'm just doing coaching, scouting, and recruiting while simulating the games. I'm not sure when I'll play the games myself...

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