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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Another Good Game
I've been on quite a roll seeing good games in person the last few months. First there was the Rose Bowl, then the Suns at Mavericks, and today the Michigan State 2OT win over Kentucky. Of course, it's easy to forget the three UT basketball games and UA at USC football game within that span, none of which was close, and the other UT football games that weren't blowouts, but also weren't exciting. I think it's more a case of selective memory of the good ones and a large quantity that makes it seem like I'm lucky in terms of quality.

I don't want to talk much about yesterday's UA game. I think there is no one to blame but Lute. The refs weren't calling fouls all game, so they should have expected to get hacked at the end. The crowd didn't help, but UA was able to build the lead with the crowd against them. The floor was equally slippery for UICU.
The fact is that Lute should have done something to break the press and traps better, run down the clock better, have Salim shoot all the free throws, or continue to get the ball inside. Then he should have had Salim take the last shot in both regulation and overtime with Adams and Frye crashing the boards hard. I just can't believe all of the ineptitude I've seen in the final 10 seconds the last couple days, even including the D-II championship game.

Despite the UA loss, there is no sporting event or form of entertainment better than the NCAA tournament. I think that a hypothetical football tournament would be just as exciting.

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