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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Buckin' Good
Tonight some friends and I tried to go to the Austin regional. We watched Redick suck ass against MSU, then went down to Erwin to get tickets off dejected Dukies.

The NCAA decided that it would be a good idea to not let people with tickets back in. Thus, everyone left after the first game, leaving about half the seats empty for the second game. After much trying and failing to get into Utah/Kentucky, we settled for tickets to Sunday only.
Face value was $60. The scalper wanted $100 each for 3 tickets. We offered $240 for 4 and he accepted. Some scalpers walked away in a huff when we wouldn't consider $200-250 each. Delusional and poor salesmen all.
I called my friend from Samsung that went to MSU to offer the extra. Oops - he had TiVoed it and my call tipped him off to the outcome. I never explicitly said they won, so I tried to pretend he would want to see Duke. Didn't work. He said he also needed one for his son, who, damn, is like 9 or 10 now.

While talking to the scalper, the wind really picked up. I was almost taken out by a 3'x2'x2" plastic sign. Then the wind shifted in the complete opposite direction. That should have been a sign of things to come. We decided to go to Sholtz's Bier Garten, which is fairly close to Erwin. At that point, the rain was nuts. There was hail nearby and the news called it the worst flash flood in the last couple years. Good time to be walking around looking for a bar. We eventually took refuge in a parking garage and called a cab (then took a different cab).

We watched the last two games at my place. That travelling call on Villanova might be the worst call of the tournament after the goal-tending at the end of the UA game.

Then we went to meet people downtown. Once I parked, I couldn't get hold of the Fox and Hound people and didn't see them after a quick look around. The Star Bar people had moved to B-Side. I was able to find them. My friend was talking to some retired oil and gas lawyer. I talked to his friend whom I've met and her friends.

Then we met up with a different friend who was also unable to find the Fox and Hound people and went to Cuba Libre, where 32 year old women love the mahido. My friend and I tried to play wingmen, or to at least make small talk with, my friend's friend's friends. Cold shoulder. They seriously treated us like we shouldn't even be talking to them.

At some point, 4 tall ass mofos walked in. When he turned around, I recognized one as Brad Buckman. He got some Jager bombs for him and his friends. My friend's great unused line was: "I haven't seen you throw down bombs like that since Vermont." I really wish that we'd seen Redick out so I could get a picture of me yelling "SALIM!" in his face. No such luck. I didn't ask for a picture or anything, so he couldn't be the rubber match of UT athletes' assholeness (after Benson and Jeffrey).

Then we went to Fado. Nothing much to report. I guess I'll say here that I may have converted from beer to gin and tonics and vodka tonics [I wonder why the former requires an "and" but the latter doesn't]. Clear liquor means no hangover. One problem is that they're usually like $5 each.

Then we left at closing. The ground was still wet from the flash flood. My friend's friend was standing in a puddle and said, "Ew." I told her she was standing in pee. One of her (bitchy) friends said something about how it was rain and she was a meteorologist. I asked if she said she was a urologist. Of course that didn't go over too well.

Then I planned to go out with my friend's friend while he's out of town. Apparently, we're supposed to go to a sex show of some kind. I suggested Juarez, although all I know about it is that it's a border town. Maybe we'll settle for Sugars.

For the first time ever, I feel like Doogie Howser typing in his computer at the end of each night. I really feel bad about how almost all my posts are made when I get home from the bars. I need to change the description.

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