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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

College Hoops 2K5
I'm feeling pretty good about myself as I'm building TX Southern into a basketball power in legacy mode. I'm about to enter my 4th season and my contract just got picked up for another four years.
The first year we struggled, going 8-18 and only getting one 2-star recruit.
The second year was better, going 14-14 and landing one 4-star recruit, a 6'-6" JuCo center that is poised to blossom into a great shot blocker this season.
The third year was even better, going 15-13, winning the SWAC tournament to earn an NCAA birth, where Cincinnati trounced us. We also had an amazing recruiting season, landing two 4-star recruits, one of whom is immediately the best player on the team, as well as three 3-stars, a 2-star, and a 1-star. The cool thing is that they may be better or worse than their "star" ranking. Scouting will reveal some of that, but there is only so much you can do at a small school. Here is a breakdown of stars versus overall player rating for my incoming class (my best player last year was a 78):
1-star 62
2-star 46 [he'll get a redshirt]
3-star 64, 65, 70
4-star 70, 75

As you can tell, I'm way into this game. Right now, I'm just doing coaching, scouting, and recruiting while simulating the games. I'm not sure when I'll play the games myself...

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