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Sunday, March 13, 2005

I can't see how Duke can get a #1 seed over Oklahoma State.

The ACC has 5 tournament teams. The Big 12 has 6 tournament teams. Both the regular season and tournament should be tougher from top to bottom in the Big 12. This is buttressed by the strength of schedule rankings: Duke 10, OSU 5.

To win their tournament, Duke beat Virginia, North Carolina State (10 seed), and Georgia Tech (5 seed). To win their tournament, OSU beat Colorado, Kansas (3 seed), and Texas Tech (6 seed). The tournament was Big 12 tournament was tougher to win.

Duke's good non-conference wins were Michigan State (5 seed) and Oklahoma (3 seed), both at home. OSU's good non-conference wins were at Syracuse (4 seed) and UAB (11 seed). The non-conference schedules are basically a wash, but Duke didn't play anyone decent away from home.

Duke non-tournament team losses included Maryland, Maryland, and Virginia Tech. OSU non-tournament team loses included Nebraska. Duke is more likely to lose to bad teams.

Perhaps it was Washington that didn't deserve a #1 seed, but I think that OSU should have been ahead of Duke. I guess we'll see who gets to the Final Four.

I also think that UConn's 2 seed is a joke for a team that was in and out of the top 20 all year. On the flip side, the Big East otherwise got the shaft, with Syracuse at 4, BC at 4, Pitt at 9, West Virginia at 7, and Villanova at 5. I also question Kentucky's 2 seed. All of the 3 seeds except Gonzaga could have been 1s let alone 2s. The Big 10 got too much respect with 4 teams. Sure, Illinois was undefeated most of the year, but their strength of schedule was in the 60s.

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