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Monday, March 21, 2005

Fake Poker VI
Tonight I played for the first time at South Forty (not South 40). My trademark class goes until 6:15, so I could only play the 10:00 game. Why play there? On Saturday, a Ringers waitress made it plain that she would be there and wanted me to be there, too.

She was still playing the 7:00 game, so I watched the amazing (seriously) Wichita State at Vandy NIT game. When she got knocked out (9th with 99), she invited me to play a quick fake game with some friends. Despite my pocket AA, I was out first. Then I played dealer and we rigged it so she won. Despite my crapping dealing, no one noticed.

While still waiting for the late tournament, we did double Crown shots. Hmmm. Also, she gave me a Crown cap to put on top of my cards. I accepted it but didn't use it.

I was assigned to table 5 and she was at table 4. Every now and then we compared stacks. I felt bad because I was always about 3-4x. By the time I got knocked out at 13th, she had left. I heard differing accounts of why, but when we did the second round of Crown double shots in the middle of the tournament, she said to make sure to come to Ringers on Wednesday for fake poker.

I really don't even know what I went out on or the circumstances of my demise, but I got 13th. Whatever. I'll pay attention if there's money or a prize or anything on the line.

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