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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fake Poker
I think that I finished in the top 30 for Ringers Fridays after just the 1st and 11th in four times playing there, which should get me a seat at an invitational tournament.

From now on, though, I'm probably going to play Ringers Wednesdays. I've got nothing else going on, no one else has Thursdays off, and that Ringers waitress often plays the late game and gets me free Dr Peppers during the early game. Apparently we're now at the "hug when I walk into the bar" stage.

In the early game, I was doing ok. Then I went all in on A-9 suited after the flop was 9-xh-yh. Two callers, one with J-9 offsuit and one with Q-z offsuit. Yep, tripled up and was in control. Some guy got knocked out, then his friend had to leave and gave up his chips, which took me out of control. I played pretty well for a while, then got 9-9. You may recall that the last time I played I was knocked out with 9-9 when K-J hit runner runner straight. I went all in and got a caller (the inherited big stack), who had K-Q. The flop was J-J-8. So far so good. A. Hmmm. 10. Hooray, beat by runner runner straight again! Out in 16th place. My stack was large enough that I probably could have folded everything and gotten top 10. Oh well, it's just fake poker.

In the late game, I played pretty poorly. I made a couple good bluffs, then got involved in a hand I shouldn't have and lose about 1/3 of my stack when I got out of it. Then I limped in with Q-J suited. Flop was 6-8-10 with one other player. Check check. 9, giving be the nut straight. All in and called. Pocket 9-9 for her (I didn't feel bad). River was a 6. Fucking fuck. I hate pocket 9s. Out in 68th place or so.

I didn't play real poker when I got home like I had in the past because I played NCAA 2k5 instead. I've transfered from TX Southern to Oregon State. My Beavers are #1 since I have a roster full of 5-star recruits. Something I didn't anticipate was that players leave early if their ability is 99. Oh well, replace them with other 99s. OSU plays in the Gill Colliseum, which I think is kind of funny. I've also grown fond of Benny Beaver.

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