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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fantastic Finishes
I caught the end two games tonight: Sharapova-Williams and the NIT championship.

Sharapova was up 6-4 6-1 and had a match point. Venus fought back to 6-3 with triple break point. Sharapova made it duece, and it went back and forth several times until Sharapova won. Also, she's hot.
I've long thought that there should be only three women's sports: tennis, swimming/diving, and gymnastics. And they should be on tv often.
Oh, and volleyball is ok, too, but only sand.

South Carolina was up 6 with about 30 seconds left, then St. Joseph's hit a flurry of 3s to tie it up. Then South Carolina came down and hit a 3 as time ran out (0.7 seconds left) to seal the championship. I tell you, these NIT games are as good as the NCAA games, just with less talent.

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