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Monday, March 07, 2005

Going Post-al
That's supposed to be a pun on post (as in this is a blog "post") and going to the "Post" Office, which I've been doing frequently. Ugh.

I've been doing a lot or remodelling in anticipation of selling my place.

1. Bathtub Recaulk
I've had the materials to do this, but have put it off for a while for some reason. Caulk-Be-Gone works well, and then I used GE Silicon I. Not as easy to work with as I expected, but I think it got the job done and looks 1,000 times better. While I was at it I did the kitchen sink, which was really more a matter of cleaning up a sloppy job than requiring a redo.

2. Crown Moldings
The ones between the living room and kitchen were falling a little, so I had to rip them down to put them back up. There were many many complications with this, but they are almost ready to go back up.

3. Painting
I had previously tried to guess what colors would match, but I decided to try Home Depot's color matching. I took some paint chips and the lady yelled at me because they were too small. I got better ones (that was fun) and the matches looked very close to my samples. However, I tried to touch up the bathroom and the match isn't perfect. I think now I need to repaint the whole thing (probably in a color that it isn't now and not the bad match paint that I have). I haven't tried the off-white and white yet, but there's no way I'm repainting the rest of the place.

4. Kitchen Faucet
After much looking, I finally figure out that I have a Price Pfister 734 series, which they don't make in white anymore. I did some tightening with my new vice grips (see #5) and that helped, especailly with the side sprayer.

5. Vice Grips
For some reason, there was random shit attached to various walls and doors with stripped screws. These helped a lot.

Still lots to do, but I'm making progress. But I'm also not posting in, which is bad for all my loyal readers.

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